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Christmas movies season is well upon us and I’m so excited for it! I feel like we have a record breaking number of Christmas movies this year and I am really just here for it. Although, it is still early in the season, I’m really excited to slow down and enjoy a Christmas movie or five.

With that said, I’m sharing what ALL NEW movies are coming out this week.  I’m not sharing already seen or previously premiered (even this season). Just to make it easier for us to keep track of what’s being premiered.

This is the first weekend I will not have anything going on later in the evening. My daughter does have hockey until 5:40pm but then my plan is to come home, snuggle up on the couch and watch all these amazing new movies.

Full disclosure though – I still have so many new movies from last year and the year before. I did a mini binge watch of some of the older movies I have because our DVR won’t hold everything, so I’m trying to stay on top of it this year. Yes, as you know, I do have a Christmas problem.

Christmas Movies Premiering The Week Of October 31st

Another Christmas

Christmas movies

Premier Date: November 1st

Channel:  The Roku Channel

Stars: Sheena Faust, Ryan Toby, Malik Brazile

Description: Kelly Brooks (Faust) is an elementary school teacher who gave up on love until her childhood friend, Andrew (Brazile), a professional baseball player, returns home and invites Kelly to spend Christmas with his family. Although reluctant to attend a Christmas party after remembering how things ended with Andrew, she soon realizes she still has feelings for him.

Christmas On The Farm

Premier Date: November 1st

Channel: Hulu

Stars: Poppy Montgomery, Darren McMullen, Hugh Sheridan, Nicholas Brown

Description: A New York socialite who fakes her identity to get her book published has to rush back to her deceased mother’s farm when the publisher and her son come to visit their ‘Australian’ author.”

A Royal Christmas Match

Premier Date: November 1st on Xumo, Dec. 10th on UPtv

Channel: Xumo & UPtv

Stars: Jordana Largy, Matthew MacCaull

Description: “Princess Camille travels to America to create a cross-cultural college exchange program and falls for Professor Rhett. But when she discovers he was hired by her father to escort her, a.k.a. babysit her, she wonders if he cares more about her or his career.”

Meeting Mr. Christmas

Premier Date: November 1st

Channel: Chicken Soup For The Soul Streaming App

Stars: Greta Carew-Johns, Madison Smith, Jaime Callica, Eileen Pedde, Laura Mitchell

Description: “Sophie Montgomery, a female travel blogger with a column called ‘Sophie’s Solo Travels,’ has spent the last four years avoiding Christmas and traveling alone. When she receives a call that her mother has had a fall, she comes home to help her mom by planning their annual Christmas charity event only to learn she is not planning the event alone.

Holiday-loving town doctor Fin Miller’s positive and festive charms are no match for Sophie’s cynicism when it comes to Christmas, so she decides to take Finn’s Christmas charm and turn it into a story for her escaping Christmas blog she does every year, only to realize her thoughts about Christmas and feelings for Finn have changed.”

A Wesley Christmas

Premier Date: November 3rd

Channel: BET+ Streaming App

Stars: Dorien Wilson, Jasmine Guy, Terrence Carson, Loren Lott, Terayle Hill, Mike Merril

Description: “Adult siblings Chris, Todd, and Cydney Wesley travel to their childhood home to celebrate Christmas with their parents and the entire Wesley family. With everyone together and all their physical and emotional baggage in tow, the annual Wesley family holiday promises to be a festive hot mess of a Christmas, with life-changing impacts on the whole family.”

Santa Games

Premier Date: November 4th

Channel: Hulu

Stars: Faizon Love, Caryn Ward Ross

Description: “This year, the manager of a mall where Santa Charles works decides to upgrade and replace him with forced retirement. Instead of leaving, he asks to find his appropriate replacement by putting out an online ad.

When this ad goes viral, the interview process becomes a series of tasks and challenges leading to an all-out competition of Festive chaos and Christmas comedy.”

I might be excited for this Christmas movie. It sounds like it’s going to be funny! Do you like comedies or do you want more of the “feeling” Christmas movies? I love them both, if I’m being honest.

My Christmas Fiancé

Premier Date: November 4th

Channel: Hulu

Stars: Jennifer Freeman, Jack Parr, Denise Richards

Description: “Maya is working as a chef for a high-end resort restaurant in Italy when she is asked by her boss, Penn, to pretend to be his fiancé for the holidays so he can avoid being set up for marriage by his family. Things get complicated when the chef’s ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh, wants to take over the business by sabotaging the restaurant. It is up to Maya to try and save the restaurant while trying to hide her genuine feelings for Penn.”

All I Want For Christmas

Premier Date: November 4th

Channel: Hulu

Stars: Erica Peeples, Christian Torres Villalobos, Sahjanan Nasser

Description:  “A newly separated mom, Mariah, gets into numerous wars of words with her ex-husband, David. Their daughter, Ivy, wanting to reunite the family, makes a Christmas wish with Santa leading to many hilarious mishaps. Mariah can’t say ‘no’, and David can’t tell a ‘lie.’ Will this be the holiday miracle that this family needs to bring them together?”

Menorah In The Middle

What fun Christmas movies do you watch throughout the season

Premier Date: November 4th

Channel: Hulu

Stars: Lucy DeVito, Jonah Platt, Christian de la Fuente, Laura Silverman, Sarah Silverman

Description:  “This year for Hanukah, Sarah is headed back home with her new fiancé, Chad, to meet her parents. Things go haywire when she discovers the family’s bakery is in danger of closing down.

Her father has a heart attack, and her fiancé is the one planning to take over the Family business. All seems lost until she runs into her old school friend Ben, who tries to help her save the bakery while also showing her the true meaning of love, family, and the spirit of Hanukah.”

Christmas On Repeat

Premier:  November 4th

Channel: Hulu

Stars: Jennifer Taylor, Gary Poux, Julia Terranova, JJ Whyte, Matthew Lawrence

Description: “A workaholic gets stuck in a time loop repeating Christmas Day over and over as she tries to reconnect with her family, while also trying to appease her boss’ demands.”

Unperfect Christmas Wish

Premier: November 4th

Channel: UPtv

Stars: Alys Crocker, David Pinard

Description:  “Madison O’Hara performs as a singing elf for Christmas parties with her best friend Cooper, but her real dream is to be a singer-songwriter and to find the perfect man.”

A Magical Christmas Village

Premier: November 4th

Channel: Hallmark Channel

Stars: Alison Sweeney, Luke Macfarlane, Marlo Thomas

Description: “When Summer’s mother, Vivian, moves in with her and her young daughter, Chloe, her orderly existence is upended. Upon arrival, Vivian sets up an heirloom miniature Christmas village resembling their town and tells Chloe it grants Christmas wishes.

As Chloe begins setting up the figurines, real-life events seem to mimic the scenes she creates. With a little help from the magic of the Christmas village, the family will be brought closer together and, just maybe, Summer will learn to open her heart to love again.”

Merry Swissmas

Premier: November 5th

Channel: Lifetime

Stars: Jodie Sweetin, Mikaela Lily Davies, David Pinard, Jane Wheeler, Tim Rozon

Description: “Alex (Sweetin) has wonderful memories of Christmas with her best friend Beth (Davies), until Beth starts dating Alex’s ex, Jesse (Pinard). Because she has missed the last few Christmases with family due to her demanding job as an architect, Alex is excited to spend the holidays with her mother, Caroline (Wheeler), who is opening an inn in Switzerland.

Much to her dismay, she learns that Jesse and Beth are also visiting for the inn’s opening. When Alex meets Liam (Rozon), a single father and the manager of her mother’s inn, Liam attempts to show her all the Christmas traditions and culture of Switzerland and helps Alex open herself up to love and forgiveness this holiday season.”

A Royal Christmas On Ice

Premier: November 5th

Channel: GAC

Stars: Anna Marie Dobbins, Jonathan Stoddard

Description:  “Looking to escape his royal life, a dashing prince comes to the United States to start a business in a small town in upstate New York and winds up falling for a former Olympic ice skater.”

Lights, Camera, Christmas!

Photo Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Astorga

Premier: November 5th

Channel: Hallmark Channel

Stars: Kimberley Sustad, John Brotherton

Description: When a holiday rom-com movie shooting in her town needs a costume designer, Kerry, a local shop owner, steps into the role. While working on the movie, she rediscovers her passion for costume design and finds herself falling for Brad, the film’s famous leading man.

This is one of the Christmas movies I’m really excited to watch! Although, there are so many that I’m looking forward to watching. For some reason, this one stood out to me.

A Maple Valley Christmas

Premier: November 5th

Channel: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Stars: Peyton List, Andrew Walker

Description: “Erica is a rancher who has spent her whole life working the family farm with her mother and sister. When Aaron arrives and disrupts her plans, she starts to question what it is she actually wants.”

Christmas Masquerade

Photo Credit: Danielle Blancher

Premier: November 6th

Channel: UPtv

Stars: Erin Agostino, David Lafontaine

Description: “When Julieanne is mistaken for her glamorous boss at a masquerade ball by a notoriously aloof businessman, she continues the ruse over Christmas. Will she be able to find real love in the makeshift fairy-tale world they’ve created?”

I feel like this is a Christmas movie that has been done before. Maybe it was on the Hallmark Channel? Do you remember the one where she was at a masquerade ball and kissed a man and it turned out it was her boss’s boyfriend. I can’t remember the name of it, but this is what this feels like to me.

Well Suited For Christmas

Premier: November 6th

Channel: Lifetime

Stars: Mercedes de la Zerda, Franco Lo Presti

Description:  In this Christmas movie, fashion designer Rachel Rocca (de la Zerda) lands a spot in a design competition to create a tuxedo for one of the city’s most eligible bachelors, Brett Stone (Presti), for a Christmas charity gala. As Rachel begins to unthread his well-spun public image, she discovers the true reason behind his Christmas charity, and they find themselves falling in love.

Love At The Christmas Contest

Premier: November 6th

Channel: GAC

Stars: Samantha Cope, Ross Jirgl

Description: For as long as she can remember, Angie’s favorite part of Christmas has been the Christmas Eve tree lighting in the town square. But this Christmas, her first without her mom, Angie doesn’t feel much like celebrating… until she learns her mom had always dreamed of winning the annual tree-decorating contest and seeing her tree lit up in the town square.

Angie realizes winning the contest and decorating the town’s tree is the perfect way to honor her mom. What Angie isn’t expecting is her high school sweetheart David and his adorable daughter Gabby to enter the contest too.

All Saints Christmas

Christmas movies to watch this week

Photo Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman

Premier: November 6th

Channel: Hallmark Channel

Stars: Ledisi, Roger Cross

Description: In this Christmas movie, Lisette is a popular R&B singer who’s getting ready to travel home to New Orleans for Christmas. When the media mistake a photo of her with her music producer ex as an engagement announcement, her family insists that he join her on the trip.

Alright – that’s it! Can you believe how many Christmas movies we have coming out and it’s ONLY the first week of November!?

What a list of fun Christmas movies this week! I don’t know how I’m going to get through them all, but let me tell you – I am really excited to try.

I know I missed the “first” week but I think my favorite one so far was Ghosts of Christmas Always that was on the Hallmark Channel. The storyline was fun to me. Also, I really liked that it took an old one storyline and make it unique and oddly interesting.

Of the ones you’ve watched lately what has been one of the best Christmas movies you’ve seen? Share with me below!


Christmas Movies That Came Out This Week