Christmas Shirts

There are a number of ways to show your excitement for the holiday season. One of the best ways is to display it through your fashion. Better yet, get the whole family involved by sporting some matching Christmas wear. Although Christmas pajamas are a popular choice for families on Christmas morning, family Christmas shirts are a great option to wear throughout the holiday season.

Whether you choose shirts that are meaningful to your family or go the more carefree route with graphic tees containing fun holiday references, family Christmas shirts are a great way to liven up the holiday season and bring your family together. Keep reading to discover the magic of family Christmas shirts, where you can find them, and how you can get creative with this Christmas wear.

Why Choose Family Christmas Shirts This Holiday Season

Do you ever get so pumped about the holiday season that you can’t contain your excitement? Maybe you tell everyone you know about your holiday plans, or you play nothing but Christmas music as soon as Thanksgiving is over. If this sounds like you, what better way to show your enthusiasm for the holiday season than through some decked-out holiday fashion? Better yet, get the whole family involved with some unique family Christmas shirts. You can all put on a funny Christmas shirt or choose a holiday-themed athletic sweater.

There are several reasons why you should make family Christmas shirts a part of your holiday tradition. Here are just a few of them.

Unity and Inclusivity

Unity plays a key role in the holiday season. Christmas is a time to come together with the ones you love, especially with those you might not often see throughout the year. While coming together is already a great way to show family unity, you can take it one step further by having everyone wear family Christmas shirts.

This promotes an inclusive environment that ensures everyone feels like they’re a part of the family. This is even more true if everyone has a say on the year’s Christmas shirt, but sometimes it’s nice to surprise your family.

Surprise Your Loved Ones

Family Christmas shirts can be a great surprise gift for your loved ones. Plan the shirts in advance and find a way to get everyone’s size so that you have the shirts ready to wear on Christmas Day, or whenever your holiday get-together is. Take it one step further and choose personalized Christmas shirts for each member of your family that reflects their personality. It shows that you went the extra mile to make the holiday season special and memorable for everyone.

You may initially get some pushback from some disgruntled teenagers, or the Scrooge in your family (every family has one). But when everyone is seen wearing their shirts and having a good time, the naysayers will eventually learn to come around and join in on the fun.

Reminder to Have Fun

The holiday season includes many different holidays that are rich in religious or cultural meaning. Although the holiday season means something different to everyone, there’s always a way to have fun. Holiday shirts can bring out the fun in anyone.

Whether your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or no particular holiday at all, you can still have some fun this season and express joy through your clothing. Family holiday shirts are a great way to do that and an effective way to get everyone in the spirit.

An Excuse to Get Creative Together

As is the case with any form of fashion, family holiday shirts are a great way for you and your family to express yourselves. Family Christmas shirts are a chance for your family to show off your creativity.

Brainstorm ideas and surf the web to see what kind of Christmas tees – or a long sleeve if you prefer – show off your family’s personality. There are several different types of Christmas shirts out there – many of which you may have never thought of. These shirts will provide memories for years to come, and the more creative they are, the more memorable they’ll be when you look back on that particular year. If you’ve ever wanted to stretch your creativity, this is the time to do it.

Long-Lasting Memories

Finally, one of the best reasons to have your family sport Christmas shirts this holiday season is for the memories that you’ll create. When you choose unique Christmas shirts, you’ll quickly be able to remember what happened during that particular holiday season, thanks to the shirts.

To make sure you never forget the season, take family photos in your Christmas shirts every year. If you send holiday cards to your friends or extended family, it will make for a cute treat every year. This annual photo can also be a great start to a family Christmas album!

Now that you have several reasons to consider family Christmas shirts, let’s take a look at some ideas that you can do.


Family Christmas Shirts Ideas

There are a variety of ways to go about family Christmas shirts. Whether you need them in a few days, or it’s July and you’re already thinking about Christmas, you can make sure your family is dressed to impress in their holiday shirts.

To help you get started, here are a few ideas and things to consider when it comes to family Christmas shirts. And a picture of me and my family in PJs from when we did this last year!

They Don’t Have to Match

When you think of family Christmas shirts, your mind might go straight to the flood of Christmas photos you see on your Facebook every Christmas of families sporting matching Christmas pajamas in front of the tree. Although matching outfits are always a cute idea, you don’t have to stick to this popular choice.

Each of your family members has a unique personality, so it makes sense to choose a unique Christmas shirt for each family member. Everyone can choose their own shirts, or you can surprise them with shirts that you think best represent who they are. Going this route is also a great way to ensure that everyone is happy and that there’s no need to compromise.

Choose a Theme

Another creative idea for family Christmas shirts is to choose a specific theme every year. You can pick everyone’s shirts, or give each family member the challenge of choosing their own Christmas tee that fits the year’s theme.

You can choose a simple theme such as decorative Christmas trees, or you can opt for something a little more challenging and even ridiculous, such as Die Hard Christmas shirts.

Shirt themes can include:

  • Ugly Christmas shirts
  • Christmas around the world
  • Favorite Christmas treat
  • Christmas movies
  • Catchy Christmas jingles

Make Your Own Shirts!

You can opt to make your own Christmas shirts for peak creativity. This will allow you to customize your shirts any way you please, and it can sometimes be more cost-effective than buying individual shirts.

The options are limitless when you make your own family Christmas shirts. For example, you can make custom shirts with each member of your family’s name on them. You can also more easily choose a theme when you don’t have to rely on choosing shirts that already exist.

You can even turn making family Christmas shirts into a Christmas activity that’s enjoyable for the entire family. What’s more is that if your family has a competitive spirit, you can turn this activity into a competition. Get everyone to sketch their designs, and the best will be chosen as the family Christmas shirt for that year.

They Don’t Have to Be Christmas Themed

Family Christmas shirts are fun and easy to find, but you don’t need to sport a shirt with Saint Nick’s face on it to commemorate the holiday season.

Even though it may sometimes feel like it, the holiday season isn’t only about Christmas. Different people celebrate a variety of different holidays during this time of year. From Hanukkah to Kwanza, you can show off your excitement for any holiday with fun family shirts.

Even if you don’t attribute the holiday season to any particular holiday, you can still find shirts that are fun and fit the season, such as shirts with holiday pop culture references.

If you have family members or friends that celebrate different holidays, a great way to show your support is by surprising them with shirts that express their particular holiday of choice. This will be an extremely memorable gesture to show your loved ones that you care.

Now that you know all of your options for the best Christmas shirts for your family, you’re ready to choose the one that will make this Christmas memorable.

The Best Family Christmas Shirts You Never Thought of

When it comes to family Christmas shirts, there are more options than you think. This makes it difficult to choose the right one or even know where to look. There are several different brands that make Christmas gear, including Christmas sweaters, that may be of interest to you and your family. Popular companies such as Disney and Coca-Cola also offer a variety of family Christmas shirt options that can have you representing your favorite brand this holiday season.

If you don’t want to spend hours looking for the perfect Christmas shirts for your family, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find some family Christmas shirts that will get your family excited about the holiday season.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas Shirts from Disney

Although the jury’s still out on whether this is officially a Christmas or Halloween movie, everyone can agree that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic. Fans of this Tim Burton film will be happy to learn there are several Christmas shirts available from Disney that depict this film.
As you can imagine, most of the shirts depict the main protagonist, Jack Skellington, in some way, such as this one with his classic cynical smirk, or this one that shows the Pumpkin King sporting a Santa hat.

Available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes at an affordable price, you can get a unique The Nightmare Before Christmas shirt for each member of your family. These designs are also available in sweatshirt and hoodie form.

Peanuts Holiday Snoopy and Woodstock Stocking Light Up T-Shirt

If watching A Charlie Brown Christmas every year is already a Christmas family tradition, take it up a notch by sporting this Snoopy and Woodstock Light Up T-Shirt.

This shirt’s design has the most classic depiction of Snoopy lying on his house, but it’s a little more festive with the decorative wreath, stocking, and assortment of colorful lights around the house.

Peanuts fans out there will be happy to learn this shirt is available in several different colors, and that there are a variety of other designs to choose from, meaning each family member can have their own unique shirt.

Ugly Christmas Sweater-style Shirts

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a common choice for Christmas get-togethers, but not everyone may want to wear a heavy and bulky sweater. Luckily, these Ugly Christmas Sweater-style shirts from Tstars give you the best of both worlds.

From “Jawly Christmas” to “Merry Fishmas,” these long-sleeve shirts are the perfect amount of corny for an ugly Christmas sweater with the lightweight feel of a shirt. Choose from a variety of prints and sizes for your whole family to enjoy.

Christmas T-Shirt – Believe in Santa Claus Shirt

Sometimes a busy shirt can prove to be distracting and detract from the true meaning of Christmas. If you’re looking for a simple family Christmas shirt with a sweet message, this Christmas T-Shirt – Believe in Santa Claus Shirt is a great choice for the entire family this holiday season.

This shirt has one simple message that everyone can get behind: Believe. On the B, you’ll find a Santa Claus hat hanging off, which gives this T-shirt that sprinkle of Christmas magic. If you have children who believe in Santa, this T-shirt will have the whole family on board with them.

Nice Naughty Jewish Ugly Hanukkah Shirt

This Nice Naughty Jewish Ugly Hanukkah shirt is for all those who celebrate Hanukkah and want to join in on the holiday shirt fun.

This shirt is a great shirt for families who value humor as well as their Jewish heritage. Styled in a similar way to a classic ugly Christmas sweater, this shirt shows that the holiday shirt fun isn’t only for those who celebrate Christmas.

Matching Family Christmas Shirts

Family Christmas Shirts

The last recommendation for family Christmas shirts is a classic way to go — matching family Christmas shirts.

Sometimes going with a matching set of shirts for your family is not only the easiest route but also shows the unity of your family. You can find matching shirts that best showcase what your family is about, but you can also choose simple designs such as these Christmas Crew shirts from Etsy.

The best part about these shirts is the sizing options, which range from newborn to 3XL. That makes it easier to find one for each of your family members.

Conclusion: Make Family Christmas Shirts an Annual Tradition

The holiday season is a time to come together as a family, and what better way is there to come together than by having everyone sport a unique family Christmas shirt.

Family Christmas shirts are a simple way to kickstart the holidays and get everyone in the spirit. They’re also a great way to come together and show off your family’s creativity. Whether you want to make your own shirts, want matching shirts, or don’t celebrate Christmas at all, there’s a holiday shirt option that’s perfect for each member of your family.

If it’s just you and your partner this holiday season, you don’t have to miss out on the holiday gear fun. Matching couples Christmas PJs are becoming more and more popular!

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