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When we think of Christmas, we envision a beautiful, full Christmas tree with presents bursting underneath it and stockings hung on a mantle. The smell of a freshly lit fireplace with the crackling of wood both delights and warms our senses. But what do you do if you have limited space? Well, you can still have a traditional Christmas – just with mini Christmas tree decorations.

There are many considerations when you have a small space, and mini Christmas trees are a great way to save space and celebrate Christmas. They should be the focal point in the room, not just hidden in the corner as an afterthought.

Having a small Christmas tree doesn’t have to look sad if done right. They can look festive and adorable, adding that pop of color to your room and making it look festive for the holidays.

Tips For Placement in a Small Space

When thinking about where the focal point should be, consider how you use the room. Is there enough room for Christmas gifts, or will you need to put them on a nearby table? Can you decorate the surrounding wall to enhance your Christmas theme or reinforce the colors in the tree?

Generally, for small spaces, a corner works best. Placing them by a window is great. It puts your beautiful tree on display for those passing by, but if it is a bit too round or the table that it is on is too obtrusive, you will have problems walking around it. Also, if the gifts placed around it are spilling over, there is a chance someone might trip.

Corners in a small space tend to work best. They tend to be underutilized; you can use the walls behind them as a backdrop for decorations. Christmas trees in the corner will open- not close- a small room and give it the illusion of being larger.

Also, small trees don’t stand out when placed on the floor. You can put them on a table, a wooden box, or some of the ideas mentioned below. What you use depends on your décor.

These general tips apply to more of a medium-sized tree. Some are indeed smaller, and we will examine them as well.

When You Have NO Space

You may be living in a bachelor apartment, tiny house, or your room may simply be small. What do you do then? You want a tree, but there isn’t any floor space or room to put it. So, do you need to forgo the usual holiday traditions?

Bottle Brush Tree

In the smallest of spaces, bottle brush Christmas trees are a great way to add something festive. They can be placed on a mantle or even on a bookshelf to decorate your small space. If you want to get creative, you can hook a few stockings to a winter-inspired holder on another shelf just underneath the tree.

Christmas Topiary

Christmas topiaries are Christmas trees in planters. They can be placed outdoors or almost anywhere indoors for that pop of color or just for a festive feel. Decorating them is simple, as you can add red bows to the pot and tie matching bows to the tips of the tree branches.

They create a beautiful, classic look to any space.

Rustic Tree in a Pitcher

If your space has a rustic farmhouse look, you may want to consider a tree in a pitcher. This concept is just how it sounds. You place a small pencil tree in a slender white pitcher. Then, you place small balls on the branches, and you have the perfect rustic piece.

Pair it with some evergreen garland over a doorway or window for an added Christmas touch.

Double Duty Christmas Tree

You can also choose to put a Christmas tree in some non-traditional places by creating a double-duty tree. This type of tree doubles as a Christmas tree and a centerpiece as well. It is a small, wide, full tree planted in a decorative pot.

Tree in a Jar

Another space-saving feature is to take an oversized jar and fill it with water. Place pine and cypress boughs in it. Arrange them and let them hang beautifully over the edge of the jar. Then, decorate them with small to medium-sized balls and pinecones to complete the look. They are so small; they can be placed anywhere in the home.

When You Have a Bit of Space

This idea is for rooms that are still small but have a bit more space, such as a table or a corner where you can place a tree instead of blending into the background or existing décor. Many of these trees are theme styled, and you can have a lot of fun creating that perfect, whimsical look. You can also go more traditional.

Winter Wonderland Tree

Bring the winter wonderland inside by purchasing a white mini tree. While you may think that it will fade into the background, it provides the perfect canvas to incorporate color. You can use it as a tabletop Christmas tree in the corner or by a couch and decorate it with pastel Christmas balls.

When you use balls on a mini Christmas tree, angle them across the tree as if you were stringing garland on the tree. Visually, it looks stunning and creates a perfect focal point for any room.

To complete the look, you can add tiny villages next to the tree or buy a brush bottle mini tree, too. It will look like a Christmas village when you are done.

Fake Winter Wonderland 2.0

If a white tree is too plain, but you like the winter wonderland idea, you can also use fake snow to decorate the tree. All you need to do is buy a small mini tree, use water to mist the tree lightly, put the fake snow product in a sifter, and gently dust the tree with snow.

You can do a scant spray of snow or select specific areas to do a heavier coat for a more natural look. Then decorate the tree as normal once it dries.

Tree in a Basket

If you have a bit more space, you can also put a tree in a basket by placing a bucket upside down into a wicker basket, then place the tree on top of it. Put either a white blanket or polyfill underneath to look like snow and decorate the tree.

This look adds that beautiful pop of green, especially in lightly colored or cream-colored rooms.

Country Christmas

For a country look, you can choose to also put a tree in a short, wide metal bucket to provide that rustic charm. This look pairs nicely with furniture that has chalk paint.

Deck the Halls Tree

Christmas trees also don’t have to be confined to a room. You can use them to spruce up any hallway or even the stairs leading to the upper floor. Place fresh pine boughs into a galvanized flower bucket, draw a Christmas message on each of them, then light them using twinkly lights. They make a great focal point.

If you are feeling creative, you can do a sleigh tree. This idea uses two different-sized mini trees placed in a red, wooden sleigh. Decorate the trees with nuts and berries with a burlap sack adding a nostalgic feel to the room.

Placing Mini Christmas Trees Outside or on Balconies

Mini Christmas trees don’t have to be confined indoors. They are very versatile. For an outdoor entrance or even by an entryway, you can pair three different sized trees together to add that welcoming, warm, festive feel as guests are entering your house.

Two can be placed in metal containers, while the third, smaller tree can be in a metal bucket for a quaint, cozy feel. You can decorate the trees simply with bright gold lights mixed with pinecones or add bold red bows for a more dramatic statement.

Small, square-shaped lanterns right beside the trees on the steps complete this outdoor look.

For the Children

Many small children love to bring a bit of Christmas into their rooms to make it equally festive as the rest of the house. Make their dreams come true by purchasing a medium-sized white porcelain vase and place a tree in it. Decorate it with small, traditional wooden ornaments with snowmen, angels, bells, and nutcrackers.

When decorating any mini Christmas tree, keep in mind that the ornaments and balls should be on a smaller scale. Anything too large will make the tree look even smaller and end up bending the branches. The tree will end up falling because of the weight on it.

Even though the mini ornaments are small, these Christmas trees can really stand out. All they really need is that splash of color to brighten a room and create a focal point. They are best with brighter and vibrant colors. You can do more subdued tones, but they may not stand out in a small space. If you stick with a more subtle look, add a lot of Christmas lights to bring more attention to the tree decor.

Replace heavy garland with small beads or even strands of tinsel draped over the ends of the trees. If you have the traditional garland, you can wind it around the base of the tree, decorate doorways or entrances, bookshelves, etc.

For tight spaces, you don’t have to forgo a Christmas tree, either. You just have to be very creative in terms of placement. If you are very limited on space, consider a bottle brush tree strategically placed on a bookshelf. Place stockings on the lower shelves and a high-backed chair can flank one side.

You can also use them to brighten kitchens, as a centerpiece, or on a small table. Also, trees don’t just have to be a standalone concept. They can be paired with tiny porcelain villages, having a white snow-type product underneath them, or anything else.

Furthermore, there is no longer just one type of look for a Christmas tree. Farmhouse rustic is a popular style this year, and you can achieve it by placing a tree in a bucket, a wooden box/crate, or even in a sleigh.

These are just a few festive ideas that you can use with a mini-Christmas tree decoration. Small spaces don’t have to relegate themselves to not celebrating Christmas or leaving out a tree. Things can all be done, just on a smaller scale.

When done correctly, mini-Christmas trees can really stand out in a small space and, just like a full-sized tree, can be the focal point of any room and bring the holiday cheer. All you need to do is consider the style of the room, where you have space to put it, and then get creative. It’s really that simple.

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