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Thinking about going for a white Christmas aesthetic this year? Putting up a white Christmas tree in your home is like bringing the holiday magic right to the middle of your living room! If you haven’t ever done it or seen it, you’re missing out on an experience of a lifetime.

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a daunting task, especially for perfectionists who want the tree to radiate flawlessness. Add in an unconventional white Christmas tree into the mix, and it gets a little harder!

It might be hard to find the right decorations to showcase the magnificence of a snowy tree, and it may seem like a feat too hard to accomplish. You may push it off until next year. But we got you covered, so no need to procrastinate on that!

In this article, we will give you five white Christmas tree decoration ideas and offer you tips for decorating your tree this year. Sit tight and read on to get inspired.

White Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

1. White on White

A white Christmas tree with white ornaments and decorations may seem like overkill. But if done right, it can be a beauty! You can pair the white ornaments with frosty silver accents such as bows, white or silver baubles, and silver ribbon going ‘round and ‘round.

This look will enhance the “snowed on” look and will be the focal point of the room. To drive the theme across, you can even dust artificial snow below and around the tree. It will look clean, pristine, and everything in between!

2. Traditional and Festive

A white Christmas tree paired with sparkly gold and silver decorations! This tree will turn your living room into a winter wonderland, embracing the holiday’s traditions, festivities, and magic all in one! It will be sophisticated and unlike anything your guests have seen before.

You can add glittery gold and silver ornaments, shimmery gold ribbon, silver icicle accents, and even burlap bows! This will be the main attraction of the room, and guests will find it hard to look away from all its glory!

3. Icy and Frosted

A white Christmas tree decked out with frosted ornaments and decorations. This tree will be the epitome of a winter Christmas tree. You can make it look as if it was transported straight from the cold outdoors to the middle of your living room!

You can add any light or dark blue ornaments and icicles. Look for frosted decorations that are artificially glazed over. This will provide an icy look that wraps up the look. Pair that with silver ribbon, iridescent garland, and bows, and you have yourself a frosty Christmas tree! This look will go down as a cult classic, and you’ll definitely be starting a trend!


4. Elegantly Gold

You can never go wrong with gold! A white Christmas tree carefully embellished with gold ornaments and accents will be a majestic sight to see. It will be elegant, rich, and it’ll look sophisticated. Say bye to typical decorations and embrace refinement like never before!

Add sparkling gold baubles, gold and white ribbon, champagne-coloured ornaments, shimmery golden bows, and pinecones to decorate this magnificent tree to perfection! This elegant, golden look will be eye-catching and will have your family sitting around the tree all season long!

5. Luxurious Purple and Blue

People rarely like to experiment with bold colours on the Christmas tree. Most people tend to stick to the traditional greens, reds, and golds. This year, try standing out from the crowd and go bold with purple and blue statement pieces to decorate your tree!

On your white Christmas tree, add dark purple and blue baubles of different sizes, icicle ornaments, frosted balls, shimmery silver ornaments, and dark purple or blue ribbon. Your tree will shine bright behind these bold and dark ornaments, showing off your adventurous and fresh personality! Make jaws drop with this sensational theme this Christmas!

6. Black, White, and Gold

 This Christmas tree screams effortless sophistication. On a white Christmas tree, adding hints of gold, black, and white can be a brazen statement, but it will look timeless and stylish all at the same time! Get ready for compliments this year by going with this look.

Add black, gold, and white baubles – either solid or with festive wording. Embellish with sparkly gold bows, black or shimmery gold feathers, black heart ornaments, golden bells, and gold garland. The assortment of colours and decorations will give your tree a refined and radiant look.


 7. Pinecones, Gold, and Red

Some want to stick to a traditional look, and that is totally OK! If you’re looking for a white tree that has gold and red accents to it, this is the design you should consider. This tree will be the perfect traditional winter wonderland Christmas tree!

A snowy tree complemented with red accents and pinecones will glow effortlessly. To the white tree, you can add shiny and glittery red baubles and ornaments. Contrast it with gold baubles so you have a good balance going. Adorn the tree with artificial red berries or holly, red and gold candy canes, red bows, and a gold or red ribbon to wrap it up. This tree will be festive, bright, and a beauty, garnering a lot of compliments from your guests.


Tips for Decorating A White Christmas Tree

Before you put up your white Christmas tree and start the whole process of decorating it, check out these tips to help guide you:

  • Tip 1: Splurge on a high-quality artificial White Christmas tree

    Think of this as an investment. If taken care of, you can keep an artificial tree for decades! With so many ways to dress up a white Christmas tree, you can reuse this tree for years and years to come.

    A high-quality tree is more durable than the ones you find on clearance. It is crafted with premium-quality materials so that you can continuously use it and hang ornaments from its branches year after year. It will maintain its pristine look, which means you won’t have to buy a new tree every year!

  • Tip 2: Find a pre-lit tree

    Pre-lit trees cost a little extra, but they’re worth it! If you buy a regular tree with no lights, you will have to wrap the tree with your own Christmas tree lights. This is a hassle and very time-consuming.

    Christmas trees that come pre-lit are becoming more popular because they save you time from untangling your old tree lights. All you’d have to do with pre-lit trees is essentially fluff them out and hang your decorations. Buying a high-quality, pre-lit tree will be an investment you will wish you made sooner!

  • Tip 3: Remember to fluff out the branches

    Once you have your tree up, buckle up, grab an extra pair of hands, and start fluffing out the branches! It may be time-consuming, but skipping out on this step will make your Christmas tree look lifeless and scrawny.

    Separate each branch so that they fan out and fill in any empty gaps. Shaping your tree’s branches will make them look fuller, “healthier,” and be so much more appealing to look at. Although this task will take a long time, it will be so worth it when you’re done decorating!

  • Tip 4: Choose a theme and stick to it (check ideas above for inspiration)

    Choosing a theme should be your first step before you start decorating. A colour theme will help you organize your decorations so that you don’t have a Christmas tree that is all over the place. The last thing you want to do is throw on every old decoration that you have and call it a day.

    There are so many themes out there that it may be hard to decide. But choose one and stick to it so that you have the best-looking tree any of your guests have ever seen!

  • Tip 5: Sort out decorations you already have and buy new ones if you must

    Before you start buying new decorations to match your theme, go through your Christmas boxes to see what ornaments you already have. You may just find some old ornaments that match perfectly with the theme you have in mind.

    Once you’ve identified and separated the decorations you will be using from your old ornaments, you can now plan how many new decorations you need and start your shopping!

  • Tip 6: Wrap around tree lights if not pre-lit

    If you opt for a tree that is not pre-lit, you’re going to have to get your old tree lights or buy new Christmas tree lights. Make sure the lights suit the theme you are going for and start detangling!

    This should be the first step in decorating your tree. Tuck the lights into the tree so that it remains hidden and will shine behind your ornaments. Don’t make the mistake of putting up your ornaments first and forgetting about the lights until the end! If you have a pre-lit tree, you can skip this step!

  • Tip 7: Make sure the decorations look balanced

    Decorating your tree is going to take a while, especially if you or anyone in your family is a perfectionist. Take your time with this process and don’t rush it. Take a step back every few minutes to make sure you are filling up any gaps and the colours and ornaments all look balanced.

    Rushing this step is only going to make it look like you threw on all the decorations you had. Carefully and strategically placing your ornaments will make your tree look full, vibrant, and ready for the festivities!

  • Tip 8: Add artificial snow around the bottom of the tree to complete the look

    You’re taking the bold step to go for a white Christmas tree this year, so go all out and add artificial snow in and around the bottom of your tree to bring the look together.

    Adding artificial snow around your tree and presents will give your setup a surreal, snowy look. Your guests and family will applaud your creativity, and for going above and beyond to make your decorations come alive!

  • Tip 9: Make sure the topper contrasts and stands out

    The topper you choose should contrast your decorations. Whether it’s a dark star or a golden angel, make sure that it’s not mixed up with the colours you’ve chosen as your ornaments.

    Ideally, you want something that is eye-catching and stands out from the rest of your decorations. It should also tie the whole look of your tree together and stand loud and proud!

Final Thoughts

Choosing a new tree, deciding on a theme, and decorating it is an important and time-consuming task. If you go with the same traditional green tree every year and are craving something new, opt for a white Christmas tree this year!

A white Christmas tree will provide you with a white Christmas, whether that’s true outside or not, you will surely have one in the comfort of your home. It will bring the magic of the holiday right to your living room.

If you’ve never decorated a white Christmas tree before and don’t have any idea where to begin, we hope this guide inspired you with some themes and ideas. This guide covered seven different ways to style and design your white Christmas tree and offered nine tips to decorate your tree like a pro!

Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy decorating!

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