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Christmas is just around the corner! I know, I can’t believe it either. So if you’re on the hunt for the best Christmas toys for some special kids in your life – you better start your Christmas shopping ASAP! Every year, toy companies release new, innovative and educational toys to keep children preoccupied.

I know it’s hard to keep up with the LATEST things. Especially with the best new toys and gadgets that come out every year. So we’ve scoured the net for reviews and compiled a list of the 10 best Christmas toys of 2021.

The problem won’t be finding the best toy – it will be trying to get your hands on them! Whether they’re sold out in stores or have shipping delays – this year’s Christmas toy shopping needs to be done as soon as you possibly can!

Keep reading to discover the 10 best Christmas toys to get this year!

The 10 Best Christmas Toys of 2021

All the toys in this article are listed according to age. Read all the safety hazards before making your final purchase.

Ages 2-3

1. Little Tikes Light-Up Indoor Slide

This toy will be the best Christmas gift and beginner slide for your toddler!

With COVID lockdowns and restrictions, it may be hard to keep your little one entertained for long in the comfort of your home.

The Little Tikes Light-Up Indoor Slide will have your toddler excited and curious. With 8 unique LED light patterns, this slide will become your child’s go-to toy in no time! Built for hours of play, this slide is perfect for days when you don’t want to go to the park. It’s easy to store and has a super easy assembly, to top it all off!

This is one of the best Christmas toys for a special kiddo between the ages of 2-3. They will LOVE it!

2. Learning Bugs Interactive ABC & 123s

This is one of the leading educational toy for 2-3-year-olds! I really love that this Christmas toy will stimulate early childhood development. It really hones in on speaking, identifying numbers and the alphabet.

The Learning Bugs Interactive Talking Poster is a great toy to keep your toddler entertained for hours! In addition, it also has the extra benefit of introducing them to letters, numbers, sounds and songs! It’s convenient and a space saver – all you have to do is hang it on a wall or door – and there is no clean-up required!

If you are on the hunt for an educational Christmas toy for your toddler aged 2-3, this interactive toy is the best on the market!

Ages 3-4

3. Star Wars the Child Animatronic Edition (Baby Yoda)

Is it bad that I want this for me and I’m a 36 year old mom of 2? It really IS so cute!

This toy is popular for both kids and adult Star Wars fans alike! The reason behind its popularity is because it feels and looks like the real deal! If you have a lover of Star Wars, I promise this Baby Yoda toy will be their most favourite and most played with toy!

The Star Wars Baby Yoda toy features motorized movements and includes a variety of sound effects to keep your child entertained for hours on hours. With its release last fall, this Star Wars toy has shot to fame and popularity. Buying it for Christmas this year may prove to be difficult as it is high in demand for both children and adult collectors!

Looking for the best Christmas toy for your Star Wars obsessed kid? This Animatronic Baby Yoda will give your child unlimited happiness and fun all in a small package!

4. The Original PlasmaCar

This toy will be the best beginner car for your little one! Gifting this toy for Christmas will make one child a very happy driver! Created with a sleek design and the winner of many awards, the PlasmaCar is a cult classic gift for active children.

The PlasmaCar is the perfect way for your kid to pass time, learn how to navigate with a steering wheel, and have fun! Just keep in mind that this toy may damage hardwood floors and is only recommended for use on smooth, flat surfaces like marble or tiles!

Give the gift of endless driving to that special kid in your life with The Original PlasmaCar. I just checked and even on Amazon with Prime Shipping, it’s taking about a week. So make sure you order this soon!

Ages 5-6

5. Hexbugs Junkbots

Christmas toys for kids are getting more and more innovative!  So hop onto the trend this festive season! The reason behind this toy’s popularity is that the playsets can be combined for playmaking your characters and adventures. What I love about the Junkbots is that it brings out the creativity in kids. 

The Hexbugs Junkbots is a creative construction experience and has over 50 pieces that can be used to build four Junkbot characters. Children will have fun mixing and matching pieces to customize different builds and looks! With unlimited options, you can be sure that your kid will stop playing video games and be immersed in creating a whole new adventure with their imagination and hands!

If you’re looking for an innovative and popular toy that will keep your child busy and creative for hours, this Hexbugs Junkbots toy is the perfect Christmas toy to buy!

6. Space Jam – Super Shoot and Dunk LeBron James

With the new Space Jam movie that hit theatres this summer, the franchise’s popularity has hit the roof! Buying this toy as a Christmas gift this festive season will bring all the on-court action from Space Jam: A New Legacy movie into your home!

This Super Shoot and Dunk playset comes with a Lebron James figure and will give your kids hours of fun, launching and dunking! All your kid has to do is place Lebron on the launcher to launch him into the air and perform an amazing dunk shot!

The popularity of Space Jam goes back to the ‘90s, but regained even more recognition through the second movie this year! This Super Shoot and Dunk playset is going to be flying off the shelves this Christmas, so grab one while you can!

7. Got2Glow Fairy Finder

If you’re looking for a toy that is getting raved about left, right, and center? I promise this is it! This Got2Glow Fairy Finder was just released and it has been in and out of stock so much! So do not wait!

This magical jar can be carried around your home to hunt for fairies! Your kid can search for fairies in their bedroom, in the kitchen, in your backyard, and even upside down. There is a constant fun of finding fairies – wherever you are! The jar has a magical light show when a virtual fairy finds its home inside the jar! There are 30+ virtual fairies to find in each jar and across 4 different levels of rare fairies, there are 100+ to collect in all! Your child can even trade fairies with their friends if they get the same Christmas present!

Buy your child the most awaited toy this year and give them the joy of exploration and fairy collecting! Pre-order now so that you get it right in time for Christmas!

Ages 6-8

8. Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

With the emergence of drawing tablets, this Crayola tracing pad is the perfect beginner gift to give a child that is into drawing and sketching. This toy will ensure your child is preoccupied with something they love doing and developing their talent as they go!

The Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad is a great way for your child to stay engaged and entertained for hours! With over 100 traceable images, coloured pencils, a graphite pencil and sheets to trace and draw, this gift is for the artistic bunch! It even lights up to make tracing lines easier. I absolutely love it!

And I think I’m going to get this for my 10 year old. I know it’s for the younger kids, but she loves art. And honestly, I love the tracing feature this has! 

9. LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario

This is a highly sought out interactive building set. Lego sets are for creative and critical thinking kids. This Super Mario Adventures set brings to life, playing iconic sounds and music from the video game. Furthermore, it reminds me of my childhood! I was/am  Super Mario Kart lover… 

It’s a 231-piece collectible toy playset. And honestly, it makes it the ultimate Christmas gift for kids that love to build things themselves. And learn to solve problems while having fun! The popularity of this playset makes it an ideal gift for Christmas this year!

If you’re looking for a popular Christmas toy for your problem-solving genius-kid, this Lego Super Mario playset is perfect!

10. Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot

This Christmas toy is for the bright, intelligent child in your life. A robot called Dash will listen to your child’s voice commands, explore loops, events and sequences. It does this within the five free apps that come with it.

The Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot offers an open-ended learning platform that makes tech knowledge accessible! In addition, it will also help your kid grow into creative coders and architects. This toy was made to challenge kids and help them gain confidence in their ideas and thought processes. Dash is used in over 20,000 schools and is expanding rapidly.

If you’re looking for a collaborative gift to help your genius kid grow and have fun, this Dash Coding Robot is the perfect toy to do so!

Final Thoughts

Christmas is all about the joy of giving. If you have any special children in your life – whether they’re your own or a niece or nephew, there are so many options for Christmas toys to suit every personality!

The best Christmas toys are ideal to buy because of high demand and increased popularity. I know it might be hard to find some of these on the shelves or even online. With that said, don’t put off your shopping, it’s time to start now! 

The toys in this list all cater to different types of kids and are flying off shelves this year. Start your shopping early and grab the Christmas toys that speak the most to you! Hopefully, this list helped you find the perfect toy for the perfect kid in your life! Happy shopping and happy holidays! 

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