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Have you begun thinking about Christmas yet? Some people might think that it’s simply too early to be considering Christmas, but it is rapidly approaching. If you are looking for inspiration for your Christmas wall décor, we provide you with some great tips on how to get you started.

Tips on What’s Hot This Year for Christmas Wall Décor

This year is a bit different from the previous years. Last year, we saw the return of gold which added warmth to the holiday season. Nostalgia played a big role in adding to the traditional glowing atmosphere of Christmas’ past. Will these trends continue this year, or will they be replaced with something different?

 This Year’s Christmas Colors

Experts forecast that silver will be the hottest color this year, paired with gold to add a hint of warmth. Metallics continue to gain popularity this year due to their cooler and muted tone. It brings the cool snowiness of the outside indoors to create that beautiful, captivating Winter Wonderland effect.

Gold will make a return, but not to center stage like last year. This color will soften the coolness of silver as a secondary color throughout the home.

Gold accents will complement dark colors, especially if you have darker blue feature walls. Pairing dark blue or purple with gold will add a nice compliment to the wall and make your Christmas wall décor really stand out.

The Effects of Nostalgia

Over the past year, most of us realized the importance of tradition, especially when we had to modify how we celebrate the holidays. Nostalgia warmed people’s hearts and will dominate design once again this year.

Vintage wall décor will return. Most experts are recommending recycling old family heirlooms. Since sustainability is gaining importance, using something that has been passed down becomes the environmentally responsible thing to do this season. It brings up memories from the past, as well.

Instead of purchasing a new item, you can mend old ones, find some vintage gems in shows/internet auctions, or create some of your own from recycled materials.

If this isn’t your thing, or you can’t find any, here are a few suggestions:

Vintage Christmas Carols Wall Art

This wall art uses a high-quality painted canvas and will give you enjoyment from it for many years to come. These canvas Christmas carols look like sheet music and have a beautiful winter scene. They add an understates beauty to the background of any home and have a classic look.

Vintage Metal Signs for Christmas

For a farmhouse or rustic look, this vintage sign will be a great addition to your living space. It has pre-drilled holes so that it hangs easily on the wall, has a high quality, retro design, and adds that beautiful touch of old-time nostalgia to your home.

Personalized Vintage Red Truck Merry Christmas Sign

Add that personal touch and the ability to hand it down to family members with this personalized sign. Each one is professionally printed using bright colors. They are rust-free, and you can use them both indoors and outside.


Textured Layers Imitating Snow Will be Popular

When people decorate their homes for Christmas, they tend to stick to reds and greens with bows and holly. But what most don’t realize is that they can dive deeper into the Christmas spirit by turning their house into a winter wonderland!

You can get this look by buying a white faux Christmas tree and white-accented ornaments and decorations. There is no rule to decorate your house the same way every year! This seasonal yet modern Christmas decoration idea is elegant and uplifting. Whether it snows on Christmas or not, you will surely have a white Christmas indoors.

For cream furnishings, crisp white decorations will add a nice compliment to your space without making it appear too sterile. Homeowners can bring the snow-filled outdoors into their living space by layering colors like green and white.

This texturizing adds differentiation and depth to a room. Soft whites are paired with a textured white to add more definition.

A great idea for a dining room Christmas wall décor is to create a beautiful Christmas setting using an antique-looking tablecloth with fine bone china. Use vintage candlesticks with tactile cushions, fake greenery, and a sparkling wreath to complete the look.

Here are some suggestions:

National Tree 30” Wispy Willow Wreath

This wreath is breath-taking with its pre-lit 100 Velvet frost lights trimmed with silver glitter, non-allergenic, and fire-resistant.

NOMA Pre-Lit LED Berry Flocked Wreath

This 24” wreath looks perfect on walls, windows, and mantels. The red adds that pop of color and warmth to any room.

It has 100 pine tips which create a realistic-looking wreath, and it uses PVC. The wreath is battery-operated, and setting it up is hassle-free. It will also withstand any weather conditions, and you can use it indoors or outside.

This Year, We Are Going… Botanical?

A new Christmas trend on the market is nature. It is bringing the beautiful snow-draped trees contrasted with the night sky into the home. People are doing a real Christmas tree surrounded by evergreen florals. Wood accessories and gold garlands drape over every branch on the tree.

 Metallic accent wall décor with nature scenes are paired along one wall behind the tree to complete the look.

 Natural materials will also be in demand. Long walks in the woods are this year’s inspiration for this year’s décor. People are looking to incorporate handicrafts and durable materials. Green is also gaining significance as it is representative of nature. Upcycling materials are also gaining in popularity when it comes to Christmas wall décor.

 Gold Foil Christmas Winter Snowflake

This wall décor is the perfect complement to the gold garland on the Christmas tree. It is simple, minimalistic, yet elegant.

Please note there is no frame with this wall art. Homeowners should also be laminated or framed as they will not last on their own.

 Wieco Art The Cloud Tree

These are three pictures in one of the gorgeous nature scenes against the backdrop of a river. It is a very serene picture.

The picture itself is done in black and white but has a pop of red on the third frame. The addition of color ties it in beautifully with the red in a Christmas tree and adds warmth to the wall.

The look is more modern- contemporary.

Capiz Shells Are Making a Splash This Season

Capiz shells are draped over windowpanes and are composed of an oyster shell. These shells are pearl-white, dazzling, and best of all, they shimmer with a warm, frosty glow. If you are tired of a white snow appearance for Christmas décor, this offers a nice change due to its softer feel.

Tree Lined Street Cream Capiz Shell Décor

This 3-D design will pair beautifully if you are taking advantage of the botanical theme. A soft winter landscape with a bronze finish adds warmth to any room. The trees are dotted with capiz shells as the tree leaves to add a glowing shimmer to the wall décor.

White Iron Tree Wall Décor

If your tastes are more refined, this metallic wall décor highlights a floral-inspired design. The capiz shells create a sophisticated look to any wall. The understated design elements blend perfectly, and you can use them in both a formal and casual space.

You can see the versatility of this piece by placing it in a Provencal-inspired room with wood-framed wingback chairs and a beautiful fireplace for an added glowing warmth.


Festive Coastal

As mentioned earlier, coastal blues are making a comeback this year. The blue of the holiday season is inspired by natural patterns located on rocks, sand, and sea creatures. The look is done by pairing shimmering golds with sea blues and blue accents.

This trend is perfect for modern homes with colored walls that are muted in color.

Christmas Wall Decals

Decals are a more budget-friendly option. This set comes with 305 pieces of Christmas wall snowflake decals that you can place throughout a living room. They are completely removable after the holiday season is over.

Users will have 12 sheets of Christmas wall decals in white, silver, and blue. They stick to any smooth surface by peeling off the film on the back. It takes only seconds to remove and leaves no trace of residue on the walls.

This creates a romantic and elegant yet sweet feel to any room.

Twinkle Star LED Curtain String Lights

You can use this to cover any window or alone on a wall to add the beauty of Christmas. With an eight-mode setting (waves, sequential, combination, slogs, flash/chasing, slow fade, flash/twinkle, and steady on) you can easily customize the feel of your wall.

This curtain has 300 blue LED lights and won’t consume a great deal of power.

There is a great deal of diversity this year when it comes to Christmas wall décor. This year’s colors are more subdued. Gone are the bright gold and red colors (unless you are going for Christmas nostalgia). This year’s colors are more subdued.

However, this year’s color palette is not reflective of current events. It is a trend that brings in the beauty of a snow-covered landscape indoors. It is returning to those frosted window panes, cool silvers, and metallic accents.

While cool colors are the main theme, they will not leave a room looking cold or sterile. The coolness of the silver is deeply complimented by the warmth of reds and greens this year. They add to that pop of color that really brings the Christmas cheer.

Tradition and nostalgia play big roles in Christmas décor this year. The designs tend to be in two distinctive classes: elegant and contemporary-modern. Most patterns have clean lines. Wall art is more understated and is used to tie a room together instead of being a real focal point to a room.

Elegant pieces also compliment walls that have neutral colors. Splashes of blue, cream, and sandy beige warm up these rooms, adding a cool wintery feel without the room being too cold. The beige adds that warm homey feeling, while the blue adds the serenity of nature.

This year’s designs are beautiful yet cool and offer a great deal of modern sophistication to your room over this holiday season.

If you’d like more holiday inspiration, check out our Christmas room decor guide!