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Ready, set, go! With Christmas looming a few months away, it’s always good to get a good head start on shopping for your near and dear! Christmas shopping can be exhausting and time-consuming, can you relate? I do try to remember the festive season and being with friends & family is most important too. That definitely helps keep up my Christmas spirit.  

If you’re like me and you love a great Christmas gift set, this article is perfect for you!  Every year, there are new gift sets that are new, bold, and stand out from previous years’ gift sets. 

But how do you narrow down on the right gift set to give this Christmas? For me that is a hard question. Christmas gift sets come in different styles, sizes, and packages. And they are meant for different types of people. I think the hardest part for me is figuring out which one is meant for who. Let’s jump in and take a peek at the ultimate guide to Christmas gift sets.

In this ultimate guide, we will highlight the best Christmas gift sets of 2021, we will guide you step-by-step on how to pick the right gift set, and give you some points to consider before making your final purchase!

Let’s dive in!


The Best Christmas Gift Sets

Tired of giving the same old hot chocolate gift sets and need some refreshing ideas? Take a look at the best Christmas gift sets this year – for every kind of person in your life!

For the Movie Buff – Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn Gift Set

Do you have a friend who is a complete movie buff? Better yet, do they have a gorgeous home theatre in their house? A great Christmas gift set for friends with this kind of interest is a popcorn (or any movie-related) gift set.

The Urban Accents Popcorn gift set comes with 5 premium popcorn flavouring for every taste! It comes with 3 types of non-GMO kernels. And of course, this would be perfect to pop if they have a popcorn machine!

For the Makeup Junkie – Shany Gift Surprise Bundle

Everyone has that one friend (or daughter like mine) who is super obsessed with makeup. Instead of racking your brain, trying to remember what makeup brand they use and what products they live by, you can gift them with a surprise gift box! This gift set is perfect for women who love to experiment with different types of makeup!

The Shany Gift Surprise Bundle is an Amazon exclusive and it comes with beauty tools, accessories, full-size makeup, mini-size makeup, brush sets, nail décor, and more! The cool thing is that no one box is the same. And it’s an all-in-one holiday exclusive that will make any makeup junkie squeal with excitement.

For the Foodie –  A Gift Grand Chocolate Gift Basket

Aren’t you tired of the same old holiday chocolate and hot chocolate gift sets people love to give each other during Christmas? Sure, your foodie friend would love any holiday chocolate you give them – but they’d love a crunchy, savoury caramel and chocolate gift basket with different kinds of treats even more!

A Gift Inside’s Grand Chocolate Gift Basket will hook you up with chocolate-covered pretzels, caramel popcorn, dried fruit and gourmet chocolates! Packaged in a true holiday fashion, this gift basket will have your foodie friend drooling! Show them you love them and pay attention to their needs all at once!

For the Skin Care Queen (or King) – Dermal 39 Facial Mask Combo Pack

Skincare is all the hype right now and for good reason! If you have a friend who is all about their skincare routine. Or are just now dabbling in the world of Korean skincare, we have the perfect gift set for you to give them!

Dermal 39 Facial Mask Combo Pack is a highly-rated, supreme collection of face masks for every type of skin on the planet! Made with collagen essence, 39 different types of facial masks will help your favourite skincare queen/king acquire more healthy, clear and elastic skin! With so many different options, your friend will get the whole treatment in their very own home!

For the Power Couple – Kama Sutra Massage Tranquility Kit

Do you have a couple in your group who can’t keep their hands off each other and love their one-on-one time? I feel like we all have that one couple in our lives. If you’re on the hunt for a gift set for a power couple who may be hosting a Christmas party at their house, give them the gift of physical touch!

The Kama Sutra Massage Tranquility Kit comes in a cute boxed set with five massage oil assortments. They come with a handy zippered carrying case so your favourite couple can use the oils while on the go! It includes heavenly scents that are sensual and intimate – giving them the perfect ambience for date night. Or so I’ve heard 😉

For the Green Thumb – Scuddles Garden Tools Set

Gardening is an ever-growing hobby that so many people are taking up. I’m just gonna share I am NOT a gardener. However, this is a great one for those who love to be covered by spiders and other bugs and dirt LOL. 

But in all honesty, not all novice gardeners are prepped with the right utensils and tools of the trade! If you have a green thumb in the family, this is the perfect gift set to give them for Christmas!

The Scuddles Garden Tools set comes with a bag tote that carries heavy-duty tools for gardening and gloves. Be ready for any type of planting or weeding, armed with this garden tool kit! Most garden sets on the market are geared towards just men or just women. The cool thing with this one is it’s unisex in design and comfortable for both beginners and veteran gardeners!

For the Gamer –  Gaming Bundle for PC, Xbox, and PS4 Gamers

Do you have a gamer in your family or friend group who is always talking about their new favorite game? Most of the time, it’s hard to buy gifts for this friend because you don’t know if they already have a game that’s new on the market or if they’ve pre-ordered it. You probably just opt for gaming gift cards for PS4 or Xbox. None of that this year!

The Orzly Gaming Bundle is perfect for your friend who is into PC gaming! This gift set comes with a gaming mouse, keyboard, gaming headset, and a mouse mat! There are RGB lights for the ultimate gaming experience. With so many essentials packed into one bundle at a very affordable price, your friend will be shocked beyond words!

For the Newlyweds – Deluxy Mr. and Mrs. Cooking Gift Set

Are you thinking of buying a gift set for the newlyweds? You probably have seen the generic matching cups and wine glasses. Don’t judge me but we totally have those generic & cheesy matching cups. I *think* they are cute, but I digress. It’s not about me but more about your newlywed friends.

So if you need something to truly stand out and excite a newlywed couple who have just moved in together, try this cooking gift set!

The Deluxy Mr. and Mrs. Cooking Gift Set is the perfect holiday gift that will put a smile on the couple’s face! It comes with his and hers matching aprons, oven mitts, a potholder, and romantic recipes that set the mood for love. Your newlywed friends are going to love this holiday gift set!

For the Busy Bee Parents – LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

If you can think of some parents in your group that have their hands full with young children, then listen up! Parents, ESPECIALLY with infants need their quiet and relaxation time. You can absolutely give them a lasting gift set that can be truly enjoyed!

The LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift set makes a perfect bubble and spa bath for the parents that crave peace and quiet. It comes with 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs which are functional, smell divine and are relaxing. Therapeutic and moisturizing, these bath bombs will leave your friends in a good mood after a long, hard week!

For the BBQ Guru – Home Grill Set with Case

Do you have a friend that loves cooking and grilling? Getting them a useful gift set that they use frequently will remind them of you for a long time to come! Regular chocolate gift sets will be a moment’s pleasure, but a thoughtful gift set will last.

The Home Grill Set with Case is a complete grilling set and comes in a heavy-duty aluminum case. This 16-piece set comes with a basting brush, spatula, tongs, corn holders, skewers and more! Made of quality stainless steel, this grill set is rust-resistant for long-lasting reliability. Your BBQ-guru friend will be hosting more BBQ parties next summer! And guess who will be the talk of the party because of your ah-mazing gift? You! 

How to Pick the Right Christmas Gift Set – Step by Step

Step 1: Make a List of People

Start by making a list of all your friends and family you want to buy gift sets for. By taking the time to brainstorm the list of people, you will save a lot of time and energy when you do your shopping!

Make sure to write down only the people you are thinking of giving a gift set too. Think about the parties you’re invited to, the guests that will be there, and the people hosting. Now you can move on to the next step!

Step 2: Determine a Budget for Each Person

Let’s be honest – you always have a hierarchy when it comes to splurging on gifts for others! Your close family and friends reign at the top and then it trickles down to friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

So do the work and decide on a budget for each person. You probably already know how much you want to spend on Christmas gifts this year… so now all you have to do is ration it out to the people on your list!

Step 3: Note Down Categories for Each Person

After you determine how much you want to spend on everyone, write down a category you think each person falls into. For example, “gamer” for your PC-gaming obsessed brother or “makeup” for your sister-in-law or “couple” for a newly engaged couple in your gang.

Don’t limit yourself and think of a few words or interests that come to mind when you go over your list of people. Too often, people restrict themselves to chocolate gift sets for the holidays. But the people in your life would appreciate a much more personalized gift set. You don’t have to put much thought into it, but it will feel like you gave them specialized treatment when they receive their gift set!

Step 4: List Any Potential Gift Set Ideas

Now that you’ve noted down category ideas for each person on your list, rack your brain for any potential gift set ideas you may have seen while browsing around or made a mental note of. Going shopping blindly will cause you to waste time and stress you out, so to alleviate that, try your best to jot down any ideas you have.

You can browse through online stores like Amazon to get your creative juices flowing. You can also refer to the list in this article (see above) to spark some interesting ideas for Christmas gift sets!

Step 5: Plan Your Shopping

If you know a certain gift set will be available at your local department store or drugstore, set a reminder to shop there when you go out to do your Christmas shopping. If it’s something you can find on Amazon or other online shops, plan a day to do all your online gift set shopping on that day!

Whatever your plan of action is, make sure you are thorough in your planning and make lists to help guide you. Shopping won’t be hard when you know exactly where you need to get what. Give yourself the time and freedom to shop without any last-minute shopping stress.

Step 6: Give Yourself a Deadline

The Christmas season is a crazy time of the year, we get it. In the blink of an eye, it’s the week of Christmas and you may or may not have done all your gift shopping. So to combat this feeling of anxiety, set a deadline of when you want all your Christmas gift shopping done! Give yourself ample time to do all the shopping and wrapping.

This way, you aren’t stressing out at the last minute because you can’t find the holiday gift set you were looking for. Try your best to meet the deadline, but don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t meet it. Just try to finish close to the planned deadline as you possibly can!

Step 7: Start Shopping and Remember Your Budget

Now it’s time to SHOP SHOP SHOP! Save all your online shopping for one day so you can check them all off your to-do list. Plan out days when you can hit the shopping malls close to your area and do your in-store shopping then.

Always remember your budget when you shop. Writing down the names of people you want to buy for and the budget for each of them on your phone is a good way to check if you need to when you’re out and about!


What to Consider

When you are buying a Christmas gift set, there are a few things to consider:

    Who are you buying for?

Are you buying for a man or woman? What is the person’s age?

These questions are important to answer when you start thinking about the perfect gift set to buy for your loved ones. There are a lot of gift sets on the market that are geared only for men or women. So it’s important to consider this when planning what to get.

    What are their interests?

If you want to buy a gift set that is thoughtful and will resonate with the person you’re buying for, think about what their personalized interests are. Chances are, if you’re buying for someone close to you, you already know their hobbies and interests.

Rely on that and buy a gift set that will speak to them. When you get them a gift that caters to their interests, it shows them how much attention you pay them and they will truly be honoured! Pair that with a thoughtful card that explains why they deserve this gift set and you can get away with less! Because when you give something thoughtful, less is more!

    What price range are you comfortable with?

Let’s be real, a lot of gift sets on the market – especially lurking closer to Christmas day – can get expensive. And obviously, all the presents you buy adds up and it will take a significant hit to your bank account.

Decide on a budget that you feel comfortable spending on Christmas gifts this year. And as we covered in the step-by-step guide, ration out your budget towards which friend gets how much spent on them. It may seem tedious, but it’s necessary to work if you want to make sure you are comfortable with how much you’re budgeting and spending this festive season!

    What types of gift sets are available?

There are so many different types of gift sets available! Your imagination is the limit! You can find gift sets in every possible sector. In the first part of this article, we highlighted 10 different gift sets you can get for 10 different types of people in your friend and family circle.

By the same token, there are hundreds of other types of sectors you can buy gift sets in! Food, anime, collectibles, beauty, fashion, tea, bath and body, luxury perfume, kitchen stuff, home décor, music, intimate, travel and more! Do a little research if you must and buy something unique and personalized this year!

    Where can you purchase your gift sets?

You can buy your gift sets online – like Amazon – and in-store. If you are going for more generic gift sets, your best bet would be to shop around department stores and drug stores. But if you were going for personalized gift sets that are from a particular sector, try visiting online stores and checking Amazon.

And remember, if you’re buying online – the earlier you buy the better. You don’t want to be hit with any shipping delays or item shortages!

Final Thoughts  

With Christmas around the corner and a list full of people to buy gifts for, you may be slowly starting to panic on where exactly to start. It’s better to be prepared and get started with your Christmas shopping as swiftly as possible.

Christmas gift sets are a great gift idea for your friends and family. But instead of buying any old hot chocolate holiday gift set, try taking the next few months to think about the types of gifts your friends and family would genuinely appreciate. Every single person has a different personality and interest, so bank on that when you are choosing a gift set.

This way, your friends and family will truly know how important they are in your lives and see that you pay attention to them. Chocolate only goes so far, but if you want to make a statement, the only effective gift set would be something that speaks to your friends’ unique personalities. 

Hopefully, this ultimate guide to Christmas gift sets sparked some ideas on what gifts to give your close ones this festive season! Shopping doesn’t have to be hard when it’s thoughtful, chosen with care, and pre-planned! So start planning! Happy holidays and enjoy the season of giving!

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