Welcome to your complete guide to hot chocolate Christmas gifts.

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A steaming hot, decadent cup of hot chocolate is a requirement come Christmas time. The pairing of hot chocolate and the holidays are astounding. They usually come with a plethora of memories and childhood flashbacks. And for many, nothing says “the holidays” like a hot mug of cocoa and marshmallows in their cold hands! 

Hot chocolate makes everyone feel cozy, safe, and happy – even holiday haters! So, clearly, it’s the perfect present to give those near and dear to you for the holidays! 

In this complete guide to hot chocolate Christmas gifts, we feature five hot chocolate-themed gifts you absolutely must give this festive season! Read on to discover a few tips to consider before making your purchase and answers to frequently asked questions about hot chocolate holiday gifts! 

5 Must-buy Hot Chocolate Gifts

  1.   Hot Chocolate Bombs

Are you tired of buying generic hot chocolate gift sets for your friends during the holiday season? Look no further than these fun-in-a-box bombs to capture their full attention! 

This unique gift is filled with tiny marshmallows! All you have to do is drop the bomb into a mug, pour hot milk into the mug, and watch it dissolve before your eyes! Whoever you gift it to will have a rich holiday season armed with this special gift! 

Why is it Perfect for your Hot Chocolate Mix-Loving Friend? 

Bombombs are the best gift to give this Christmas because it’s a fun, thoughtful, and unique gift! Hot cocoa mix is already magical but adding this bomb into the mix makes the experience even better. Gifting this to anyone who loves themselves a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate or friends with kids would be the best bet! 


  • Unique gift idea
  • Have marshmallows inside for added flavor
  • Affordable 


  • Hard-to-find because of increasing popularity
  • Some say it could be more flavourful 
  1.   Hot Chocolate Maker Spoon

This highly rated Hot Chocolate Maker Spoon is a fun way to create the perfect cup of hot cocoa with no mess in the kitchen! It contains tiny marshmallows for a fun experience making the hot cup of cocoa powder and savoring the luxuriously smooth taste! 

The box comes with three hot cocoa spoons topped with mini dehydrated marshmallows for added sweetness. All you have to do is mix the spoon into hot water or warm milk to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate! Choose milk instead of water if you want a creamier drink! 

Why is it Perfect for Your Hot Chocolate-Loving Friend? 

Hot Chocolate Spoons are a great gift for the holidays. It’s a homemade hot chocolate activity that is entertaining to watch and do. With so many common hot chocolate packets on the market, anything unique like this will be a thoughtful gift that your friends will remember.

This gift will garner a lot of appreciation from any friends who have children. Kids will love making their hot chocolates in such a fun way, and their parents will be glad it’s mess-free! Win-win all ’round!


  • Unique gift idea
  • Affordable
  • Will be popular for adults and kids!


  • Some complain that the company sent old or damaged boxes
  1.   Mini Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Finding Christmas gift sets can be such a hassle with the sheer amount available on the market. This unique gift is a rare find that includes different flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth in your life! It may sound like an everyday chocolate gift set, but this set is packaged beautifully and includes several flavors! 

This Mini Hot Chocolate Gift Set has six different hot chocolate flavors in small paper cups. It includes French vanilla, caramel, toasted marshmallow, double chocolate, salted caramel, and peppermint! All you need to do is mix the powder with six ounces of hot water (or hot milk), mix, and enjoy your hot cup!

Why is it Perfect for Your Hot-Chocolate Loving Friend? 

This thoughtful little box has six different flavors to suit anyone’s fancy! All the flavors are classics for Christmas time, which will put whoever you gift this to in a wonderfully festive mood! It’s unique and comes in beautiful packaging that makes it the perfect gift this Christmas season!


  • Sweet Christmas flavors
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Eye-catching packaging 


  • Size of cups is too small
  • Expensive
  1.   Gourmet Peppermint Hot Chocolate

‘Tis the season for peppermint hot chocolate, and we got you covered! It is a great gift set to present to someone during this festive season – especially if they love peppermint! This gift box set is uniquely flavored and makes a smooth and delicious cup of hot cocoa. 

This gourmet set includes four single-serve packets of supreme hot cocoa, one bag of mini marshmallows, and 2oz of crushed peppermint. It’s a DIY kit. Therefore, you can make the perfect cup each time! All you need to add is hot water! 

Why is it Perfect for Your Hot-Chocolate Loving Friend? 

If your friend loves mint and inhales hot chocolates throughout the season, they will love this gift! It gives them the chance to make it in the comfort of their home and enjoy this delicious drink whenever they please! There are several packets on the market, but what makes this different is that you get to control how much or little flavor and marshmallows you add to your cup! 


  • Easy to prepare
  • DIY so you can control how much you add
  • Hit with people who love minty drinks


  • Only four servings
  • Expensive for the limited contents


  1.   Crazy Cups Deluxe Hot Chocolate K Cups

Why buy a box of hot chocolate packets when you could buy K-cups instead? These Crazy Cups Deluxe Hot Chocolate K-cups are the perfect gift for your friend who has a sweet tooth and a Keurig machine at home! 

It comes in a holiday gift box with either 20 or 30 single-serve hot cocoa in recyclable pods. These K-cups will ensure that whoever you gift this to will experience a burst of cocoa flavor every time they make a steaming cup! It’s important to note that this gift set is only compatible with Keurig K-Cup machines. 

Why is it Perfect for Your Hot-Chocolate Loving Friend? 

If you have someone in your life that adores hot chocolate, buying them a box of this will tell them that you love them. These single-serve cups are packed with so much more flavor than regular powdered hot cocoa.

The variety pack comes with different hot chocolate flavors that brew the perfect cup each time! You will quite possibly be introducing them to their next addiction, so be careful! 


  • Variety pack perfect for hot chocolate and coffee lovers
  • Recyclable single-serve cups
  • Rich unique flavor 


  • Expensive 

Buyer’s Guide

There are too many generic Christmas hot chocolate gifts on the market. I hope this complete guide to hot chocolate Christmas gifts has helped you to navigate that and choose the best hot chocolate gift. To help you make an informed and authentic choice, here are some tips to consider when making your final hot chocolate purchases this holiday season! 

Be Thoughtful When Buying 

When you’re buying a hot chocolate gift, make sure it’s catered to the person you’re buying for. If you know the person you are buying for loves alcohol, you can pair up a hot chocolate gift set with coffee liquor or any liquor that will go well with the hot cocoa.

If you know the friend loves minty flavors, couple the hot chocolate with mint candy! And if you’re buying for someone you don’t know well or for a gift exchange, go for a unique gift idea – like hot chocolate bombs – which will excite them!

Don’t be Afraid to try Something New 

It can be difficult to purchase something new and different when you’ve never heard of it before. Make sure to look through customer reviews to see some authentic feedback on the product before you buy. But holding back and not purchasing something different will block you from experiencing new things.

More likely than not, that “different” hot chocolate set that you see online will make your friend smile a lot wider and be more curious than if you get them a basic hot chocolate gift set! So don’t be afraid to buy something peculiar or different from the norm! It could be a hit! 

Have a Budget When you Start Shopping 

Holiday shopping can get expensive! So, before you start making your purchases, try to make a list of everyone you want to buy for and create a budget of how much you’re willing to spend for each person. This way, you can go into buying your gift sets with more purpose and clarity! 

Go for Premium Quality 

When you do online shopping, it’s hard to be sure of the quality and size of the product you are buying. But the pro that online shopping has is that you can easily check the reviews to see if the product you want to buy is top quality.

Read over the descriptions carefully to make sure you are buying something that isn’t generic. If you want to truly leave a lasting impression, the better the quality, the better the reaction you will get! 

FAQ’s about Hot Chocolate 

Q: Why is hot chocolate a Christmas tradition? 

Drinking hot chocolate during the holidays originated as a tradition in Peru. Peruvian hot chocolate contains cocoa melted with milk and can be mixed with coffee and spices. Peruvians only drink hot chocolate during the festive season, which makes it a holiday tradition. The rest of the world imitated this culture, making it a global tradition to drink hot chocolate during the holidays. 

Q: What is the best liquor to put in hot chocolate? 

For drinking adults, they’re always looking to booze up their drinks! Luckily, hot chocolate can be spiked with many different types of alcohol to spice up the taste and give you a buzz! The best liquor to put in hot chocolate includes peppermint-flavored vodka, coffee liquor, and amaretto – which are all great to make an “adult-friendly hot chocolate”! 

Q: What are hot chocolate and coffee mixed together called? 

Hot chocolate and coffee mixed in make a rich concoction called “mocha”. You’ve probably seen it displayed in cafes menu boards before. This is a go-to choice for coffee and chocolate lovers, merging the best of both worlds! You can find mocha-flavored drinks in cups of coffee, iced coffee, cappuccinos, and more! 

Q: What goes well with a hot chocolate gift? 

If you are buying any hot chocolate kits or gift sets, you probably want to pair them up with other things. The best thing to match hot chocolate with during the holiday season is peppermint! You can mix and match different types of peppermint flavored candy and chocolates, such as mints, mint chocolates, candy canes, and so on! You can also include a pack of mini marshmallows so they can add it to their hot chocolate! 

Final Thoughts 

Gifting someone hot chocolate for the holiday season doesn’t have to be such a dull idea when there are so many ways to spice up your present! If your friend has a sweet tooth and loves anything chocolate – you have so many different options to gift them a thoughtful present this festive season! 

You can gift them a unique hot chocolate gift box or create an eloquent gift basket, pairing hot chocolate with peppermint vodka and candy canes! The key is to make the gift as personable as possible, letting them know that you pay attention and love having them in your life. I hope this complete guide to hot chocolate Christmas gifts has given you some new ideas!

Show your appreciation for friends and family buy purchasing them something special this holiday season. You can indulge their sweet tooth with any one of these thoughtful gifts that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Hopefully, this guide helped you discover some authentic hot chocolate Christmas gifts that you can splurge on this holiday season! Happy buying and remember to have fun!