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The most wonderful time of the year is looming around the corner! The best thing to do to put you and your family in the Christmas spirit is to deck the halls and start decorating your home. 

If you’re tired of the classic red and green decorations, it’s understandable. Do you want something new, modern, and sleek that still sticks to traditions? There is a myriad of different ideas and inspirations to follow when decking your home. This Christmas, try something new and wow everyone that enters your humble abode!

In this article, we will present the top 10 seasonal yet modern Christmas decor ideas for your home! From non-traditional Christmas trees to contemporary mantle designs, you’ll be hit with genius ideas to spice up your Christmas decor this year. Let’s get started!


1. White Christmas Wonderland

When people decorate their homes for Christmas, they tend to stick to reds and greens with bows and holly. But what most don’t realize is that they can dive deeper into the Christmas spirit by turning their house into a winter wonderland!

You can get this look by buying a white faux Christmas tree and white-accented ornaments and decorations. There is no rule to decorate your house the same way every year! This seasonal yet modern Christmas decoration idea is elegant and uplifting. Whether it snows on Christmas or not, you will surely have a white Christmas indoors.


2. Glitz Glam Galore Accents

Creating a glitzy, sparkly ambience can cause some serious excitement for you and your family. Push your plain Christmas decorations further into your storage and go hunting for glammed-out decor for your home this year!

You can create this fun look by shopping for gold, rose gold, pink, and sparkly decorations. Add golden lights to your tree or find iridescent garlands and ornaments with glitter on them. Your Christmas tree and living space will absolutely shine and stand out from the crowd. This modern Christmas decor idea won’t be too outlandish, and it will serve the perfect contemporary Christmas vibe if done right.


3. North Pole Tablescape

If you recycle the same two Christmas table runners and cloth, it’s time to shake things up! Your dinner table is the place where everyone comes together to share food, memories, and good times. Add a Christmas village set to the mix, and you and your family will feel like you’re dining in the North Pole!

Achieve this look by shopping for accents such as snowy houses, snowy branches (this can be real instead of fake), reindeer and polar bear figurines, and sleighs. Pepper in some fake snow around your dinnerware placement and behold the magical North Pole! This contemporary Christmas decor won’t be your average Christmas dinner set up but it sure will be festive. 


4. Snow-dusted Staircase

You probably have multiple boxes filled with Christmas decorations. All these decorations have to go somewhere. You decorate your living room, your kitchen, your bedrooms, and your foyer. You may even throw some garlands on the staircases in your home. But have you thought about adding a touch of snow to them?

Get this look by purchasing artificial snow at your local department store to help you create the perfect snow-dusted staircase this Christmas! You can dust the snow onto the sides of your staircase to make it look as realistic as possible. Don’t forget to touch up right before guests come over so they can revel in your genius creativity! This modern Christmas decor idea is not too common but stays true to the season.


5. Ice-coloured Palette 


Tired of your same old red and gold decorations? Looking for a new colour theme to adorn your house with this Christmas? Look no further – consider buying ice-coloured decorations to embellish your beautiful home! Ice-coloured decorations would be anything pale blue, pale purple, and grey. You can also find frosted ornaments that achieve an icy look!

You can get this look by keeping an eye out for pale blue and grey ornaments, garlands, snowy trees, and any frosted accents you can add around your home. A winter ice palette is a perfect way to incorporate the festive season with a modern touch. Get ready to stand out with your bold decoration choices this Christmas and start a trend amongst your loved ones!


6. Christmas Gifts as Decoration


Looking for new decoration ideas? You may have the same signs, garlands, mistletoe, and nativity set that you use religiously every year. But if you’re looking for a new creative idea that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on, we got you! You can probably find everything you need in your basement for this DIY decor!

All you need to create this look are empty boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbons. Wrap up empty boxes with any Christmas wrapping paper that goes with your colour theme of the year and you can place these fake presents all over your house to give it a Christmas feel! Modern and seasonal, this will be the perfect touch to add some flavour to your decorations.


 7. Decorate Glass Balcony Doors

Do you have glass doors or a balcony in the front of your house? A beautiful and effortless way to decorate your home this festive season would be to strategically place the Christmas tree by one of your balcony doors. People looking in from the outside will be able to see your magical touches. Don’t be afraid to play around with the glass doors and do something different!

You can get this look by using stickers, chalk markers, and washable glass paint. Keep your eye out for anything you can use to decorate on glass windows and be as creative as you like! You can make it a weekend DIY project with your family; draw snowflakes, a snowman, or choice words to spread Christmas cheer! This modern Christmas idea will be a delight to see indoors and outdoors.


8. Create Your Own Ornaments

If you have the same handful of ornaments you seem to use every single year, it’s time for a change! This Christmas, you can spruce up your Christmas tree by creating your very own ornaments to hang up! This won’t cost a lot, but it will require a fair bit of time and patience if you’re up for some arts and crafts this festive season.

All you have to do is buy a pack of clear plastic balls or bulbs that can be hung. And then you just use your imagination to decorate them! You can fill them with fake snow and paint trees on the outside, add different coloured tinsel inside them, fill them up with glitter, or add mini Christmas flowers. You don’t have to spend a whole lot on buying new ornaments every year when you can get the creative juices flowing and make your very own ones! This is a modern take on a traditional decorative piece, and you can look at your tree with pride!


9. Christmas Cocktail Bar


Are you having guests over this Christmas and racking your brain for something new you can feature in your home? You have your living room set up with all the Christmas presents and the dining room set up with a spectacular table setting. And maybe you’ve even decked out your kitchen with Christmas touches. But have you ever thought about a coffee cocktail bar?

Create this look in your kitchen, bar table, or dining area. All you need is an empty table, Christmas decorative pieces, coffee, mugs, and some festive liqueurs! On this table, you can set up a coffee machine and a stack of mugs your guests can use. Keep an assortment of liqueurs – like peppermint, chocolate, gingerbread, and eggnog – so your guests can spike their coffee and make their very own cocktails to drink! Your party will be the best of the season with this seasonal yet modern Christmas decor!


10. Cozy Gold Ambiance


There is a reason why gold is considered timeless. Using gold tones to decorate your home this Christmas may seem like a classic choice, but choose bold pieces and amplify the gold to create a warm and cozy ambience. Most like to opt for red, green, and gold tones, but you can mix it up to create a magical feel that’s modern yet sticks to tradition.

Get this look by buying gold and white pieces, decorations, and ornaments. This simple yet modern look can be achieved by using golden lights, dusting fake snow on your tree’s branches, gold or white garlands, gold candles, gold and white ornaments, gold bows, and more! This cozy atmosphere will keep you glued to the living room, revelling in the festive season.


Final Thoughts

Sometimes, as much as we try to find new ideas to decorate the house for Christmas, traditional decor and classic decor just take over. Whether it’s because decorating using previous years’ decor is just easier, or because of muscle memory, a lot of people dread putting in some extra work to think of new ideas.

This Christmas, consider some simple and modern Christmas decoration ideas that are festive enough to be traditional decor but bold enough to stand out from the crowd! Don’t shy away from new decorations and accent pieces. You may just start a trend in your group of friends and family!

Choosing a colour palette and theme this year just got easier! In this article, we highlighted the top 10 seasonal yet modern Christmas decor ideas for your home. All of them stick true to Christmas nature and will spread festive magic in and around your house!

Hopefully, this list has inspired you with some contemporary and modern Christmas decor ideas to embellish your house with. Start decorating and have a very Merry Christmas!

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