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We all have that friend or family member who loves boozy drinks. How cool would it be if you could find them a super creative alcohol Christmas gift for them? I know I’m always trying to find ways I can be unique with my gifts. I want them to stand out and be memorable. Are you the same way? If you’re on the hunt for an interesting Christmas gift for one of your besties or a family member, these could be great for you! 

Alcoholic gifts are a perfect way to bring in the holiday cheer and liven up your festive parties. Although, if you have that uncle, let’s not make it too festive.

Gifting drinks to friends is a timeless practice – whether you’re just visiting or have an occasion, like the holidays. However, taking the time to find a unique alcohol gift will be appreciated and cherished for years to come by those you are gifting! 

In this complete buying guide to alcohol Christmas gifts, we feature five liquor-themed gifts to give to your favorite drinking buddies for this special occasion. Read on to discover important factors to consider before making your purchase and answers to frequently asked questions about alcoholic gifts!

Your Complete Buying Guide to Alcohol Christmas gifts

  1.   Festive Boozeball Ornaments

Ever looked at basic ornaments and wanted to party it up a little? Well, now you can, with these Festive Boozeball Ornaments! It is the perfect gift to give your single friend or child-free coupled-up friends for the holiday season! 

These clear ornaments come in a pack of 6, are made from plastic, and can hang from a Christmas tree. All you have to do is fill these fun boozy ornaments with the liquor of your choice, then open it up and chug when it’s time to party! 

Why is it the Perfect Gift? 

Most likely, people will be hosting a few parties for the festive season. Gifting them these Boozeball Ornaments will allow them to flaunt their new gift and drink in style with all their guests! And, to top it off, they can hang it up on their tree every year! 


  • Fun host gifts for holiday parties
  • Shot size
  • Marked with “Drink Me” on them, so you won’t get them confused
  • Reusable 


  • Not a big ornament
  • Made out of plastic


  1.   Global Cocktail Mixers

Does your drinking buddy love to create new cocktails? This Global Cocktail Mixer gift set is the perfect gift to give your home-bartender friend to help them explore cocktails around the world! 

This set includes 12 global cocktail mixers inspired by unique flavors from around the world. It includes flavors such as Cuban-style Mohito, Blue Hawaiian, and Moscow Mule.

All you need to do is add liquor to the mix to create a perfect cocktail concoction! It’s arranged in a charming gift box which means you can wrap it or slap on a bow and gift away! 

Why is it the Ideal Gift? 

Your friend or relative doesn’t have to leave their home to enjoy an immaculate cocktail anymore. They can practice and perfect the art of cocktail-making right from their home bar or bar cart!

In giving them this gift, it will ensure that they impress any guests they have over at their house for the holiday season! 


  •         12 different cocktails to choose from
  •         Crowd pleaser
  •         Comes with a guide on which drink to mix with which cocktail mixer 


  •         Does not come with any liquor
  •         Sweetened with sucralose
  •         Taste may not appeal to everyone.


  1.   Bullet-shaped Whisky Stones

Do you have a friend that is obsessed with whiskey and guns? These Bullet-shaped Whiskey Stones are the perfect alcoholic gift to give over the holidays! A great stocking stuffer for whiskey lovers who love guns!

These stainless-steel bullet stones come in a pack of 6. You can chill them in the freezer and pop them into your whiskey to ensure it doesn’t get watered down. They are safe to use, tasteless and odorless to relish the taste from the first sip to the last. It comes in a wooden box that can be added as an elegant decoration piece to your bar! 

Why is it the Best Gift? 

The individual may be using ice to chill their glass or may already have whiskey stones. However, these bullet-shaped stones provide an extra level of sophistication and worldliness. They are such a unique gift idea that your friend will be using them not only to serve its purpose of chilling their drink but to feel stylish as well! 


  •         Stainless steel is durable and safe
  •         Won’t water down your drink
  •         Decorative and useful 


  •         Slightly expensive
  •         Bullets may be large 


  1.   Bottle of Alcohol Ornaments

Are you looking for glass ornaments for adults? This is it! If you have a drinking buddy that doesn’t particularly love Christmas, this gift will bring some excitement and cheer! These Bottle of Alcohol Ornaments are a great gift for friends who feel like Christmas decorations are drab and pointless! 

Made from glass, these multicolored décors will make your tree look tipsy! They don’t have any liquor in them but make a good gift for the right person. Not everyone is huge on decorations, but these ornaments will be a delight to hang up every year! 

Why is it the Ideal Gift? 

Sure, it doesn’t have any booze in it, but it brings together spirits and Christmas flawlessly! This gift idea is fun and can be a gag gift paired with your friend’s favorite bottle. No doubt your friend will be hanging it up on their Christmas tree every year, and you will have started a new tradition! 


  • Four assorted bottle ornaments
  • Good size to hang on the tree 


  • Does not contain actual alcohol
  • Expensive 


  1.   Premium Whiskey Decanter Gift Box

Want to give someone special in your life a gift they will never forget? This hand-crafted Premium Whiskey Decanter Glassware set will live in your friend’s heart and bar cart for years to come! 

This decanter and glass set is made with a distinctive European design which gives a refined and sophisticated feel. The decanter is 900mL and will comfortably hold any 750 mL bottle of liquor. It comes with four glasses with a weighted, solid base containing any whiskey stones or ice cubes.

This prestigious gift set will speak thousands of words to the person you’re gifting it to. Why is it the perfect alcohol gift set? If your friend enjoys rum, bourbon, or scotch and equally enjoys entertaining gifts at their place, this set is the perfect enhancement to their hosting duties!

Decanters and glasses boast a level of class and elegance. Your friend will be stunned by the gesture and remember you every time they help themselves to a glass of their favorite drink! 


  • Premium quality
  • Made from lead-free crystal glass
  • Classy presentation 


  • Expensive 

Buyer’s Guide

So now that you’ve browsed through your complete buying guide to alcohol Christmas gifts, you probably have a better understanding of the different types of alcoholic gifts and sets available on the market!

However, there are some things to consider before making your purchase! Knowing these quick tips and hacks before buying your friends’ gifts is a great way to ensure you are buying the best holiday gifts this year! 


Read Descriptions Carefully 

Before you buy any gift online, make sure to read the descriptions carefully. Some gift sets don’t include any actual liquor but are great to accessorize or use with a drink from home. Some people will go off a photo they see online and assume there are spirits in it. So beat the confusion and pay attention to descriptions! 

Set a Budget Before you Start Buying 

There is no easy way to say it, but the hard stuff isn’t cheap! When you’re on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift, make sure you have a set budget before you start making your purchases. Brainstorm a list of the people you want to buy alcoholic gifts for and keep your budget in mind when you’re shopping!


Don’t Put off Holiday Shopping Until the Last Minute 

We’re all guilty of it! Yes, I know it might be hard to believe, but I’ve been there! But  with the emergence of online shopping, it’s better to get a head start. Most of the gifts mentioned in the above list are great accessories for the festive season. So gifting your friends earlier on in the holiday season will give them more reason to use their gift as soon as possible! 


Keep an Eye out for Unique Gifts (Inside Jokes and More of a Personal Touch)

The best part of gifting your friends is to make it personal and sentimental. Finding a unique gift that references an inside joke or is something your friend has been hinting at wanting is the best choice. With so many special gifts on the market, you can find something for every type of friend! 

Liquor is Great, but Accessories for Booze are Better! 

It may be tempting to buy your friend’s favorite bottle or an exotic bottle of their favorite liquor. Most likely, they already have the alcohol and don’t have fancy accessories to pair up with the alcohol. Thinking ahead and buying something to add to their bar cart or home bar will give them something to remember you by for years to come. It’s reusable, and it won’t run out! 




Q: Is an alcoholic gift a good thing to give? 

Liquor is a great Christmas gift as it always adds to the holiday spirit! But it’s important to note that an alcoholic beverage may not be the best choice, depending on who you are buying it for. If you know that the person you’re buying for enjoys consuming alcoholic beverages, go ahead and find something that will appeal to them.

However, if you don’t know the person well enough, it’s best to choose something more generic rather than alcohol.

Q: What is a fun gift to get a drinker for the holidays?

There are many fun gifts you can buy depending on the closeness of the relationship and their tastes. If they are known to host big parties and like letting loose with all kinds of drinks and shots, you can investigate the Boozeball Ornaments listed in this article.

 If your friend is someone who oozes classiness and adores exotic Bullet Whiskey Stones are fun and sophisticated!

Q: Can you give spirits as a gift at work?

It is appropriate to gift a co-worker – given that they enjoy drinking. It’s a general rule that you should know someone well enough to present them with this type of present. Many view spirits as a personal item, so giving them during a gift exchange might not be the best idea.  

All of that to say, if you haven’t been out for drinks with your co-worker and/or they haven’t mentioned liking a specific type of alcohol don’t buy a drink! 

Q: What is the most popular beverage during the holidays? 

The most popular drink over the holidays is undoubtedly eggnog! It comes as an alcoholic beverage and non-alcoholic drink. The spirit that is traditionally added to eggnog is brandy.

However, feel free to mix it up with dark rum, cognac, or bourbon for a kick of flavor! All you need to make the perfect boozy eggnog is eggs, sugar, whole milk, vanilla, nutmeg, heavy cream, and the highlight – brandy!!!


Final Thoughts 

These gifts are a fantastic way to show your appreciation and spark the holiday spirit! If you’re tired of buying the same old bottle for your favorite drinking buddy for the holidays and want to spice it up, there are so many products available on the market to cater to that!  I hope this complete buying guide to alcohol Christmas gifts has given you some new ideas!

There are just as valuable accessories of high quality to create excitement and memories among your friend’s circle. Gifting reusable accessories for your friends’ beverage will have them appreciating and using them regularly. The best part is that it won’t run out as the drink will! 

Choose something that shows that you purchased the gift with them in mind. Make it as personal and well thought out as you can. Adding a personal touch tells people that you care enough about them to discover what their tastes truly are. It goes a long way in planning a thoughtful gift.

Everyone likes to feel special around the holiday season. Hopefully, this complete buying guide to alcohol Christmas gifts helps you in making informed Christmas gift purchases this holiday season and sparked ideas about unique gifts you can give your friends! Holiday shopping can be so much fun when you keep your eyes open for rare gift ideas that will amaze your friends!

Good luck and enjoy your holidays!  Oh, and if you’re looking for chocolate-related gifts, check out this post for great gift ideas!