Christmas Activities for Couples

Christmas is a holiday that’s often associated with spending time with family, but it’s also a season to spend time with those you love and show everyone close to you how much they mean to you, including your significant other. In fact, in South Korea, Christmas is an almost entirely couple-oriented holiday, similar to Valentine’s Day. This shows why Christmas is a great time for couples to reaffirm their love for each other.

There are several cute Christmas activities for couples that can make a great date and help you spend quality time with your partner. From decorating Christmas trees to enjoying a romantic Christmas-themed dinner, there are many things you can do with your partner that can eventually become sacred Christmas traditions for your relationship. In this article, we’ll give a series of fun Christmas activities to do with your loved one this holiday season.

Common Christmas Traditions to Inspire Your Next Date Night

Coming up with Christmas activities for couples might not be as difficult as you anticipate it being. Do you already have a variety of holiday traditions that you and your family do around Christmas? A great way to spend time with your significant other during the holidays is to include them in your already established traditions or use these family traditions to inspire you to start your own unique ones.

There are several key Christmas activities that you should consider doing with your partner. Some examples include:

  • Decorating your Christmas tree or entire home
  • Make custom ornaments together
  • Drink hot cocoa by the fire
  • Go Christmas shopping together
  • Go sledding or skiing

Let’s take a closer look at some of these activities and more to inspire your next Christmas date night.

The Best Christmas Activities for Couples

There are several Christmas activities for couples that you can do with your loved one. No matter your interests, budget, or even where you live, there are a variety of activities that will get you in the holiday spirit and make you feel closer than ever to your significant other.

To give you some fun, cozy holiday date night ideas, here are the best Christmas activities for couples.

1. Rent a Cabin for a Winter Getaway

First on our list of cute Christmas activities for couples is renting a cabin for a getaway.

If you want to go all out and have a memorable Christmas experience, one of the most extravagant Christmas activities for couples is to rent a cottage or cabin for a weekend away with your loved one — or even to wake up in the cabin on Christmas Day.

Although a popular summer activity, renting a cabin in the late fall and early winter can be a beautiful experience that lets you see the distinct charm of the natural world during the holiday season. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire large cabin in order for you to get the best experience — even renting a room in a shared cabin can give you the same amazing time!

Once you’re at the cabin, there are a ton of activities that you can do together, such as:

  • Gaze at the stars
  • Drink hot cocoa by the fire
  • Go on a winter hike or snowshoe adventure
  • Roast marshmallows over a fire

Cabin rentals tend to book up fast during the holiday season, so be sure to book yours early on!

2. Go to a Christmas Market

Next, we have one of the most popular Christmas activities for couples — going to a Christmas market.

It can be argued that Christmas markets were virtually made for couples to enjoy together. Between the twinkling lights and the warm smell of Christmas sweets, this activity makes one of the most perfect date nights for couples during the holiday season.

Depending on where you live, Christmas markets range in size. However, they all have a few qualities in common. At most Christmas markets, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Shop for handmade Christmas ornaments at small merchants
  • Enjoy hot cocoa, apple cider, or mulled wine
  • Purchase some artisanal baked goods
  • Listen to carollers sing your favorite Christmas songs

Christmas markets are usually open for a couple weeks around the holiday season, so you can make a few trips if you can’t squeeze everything into one!

Christmas Market

3. Bake Christmas Cookies

Another classic Christmas activity and tradition is baking cookies.

Baking cookies during the holiday season is often associated with families, particularly parents baking cookies with their children. However, baking cookies can actually be a really fun activity for adults, especially with your significant other.

There are a variety of traditional Christmas cookies you can bake together, including:

  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Sugar cookies
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Snickerdoodles

One of the best parts of baking cookies is decorating them. This is a great way for you and your significant other to show off your creative skills and personalize your cookies. Make a batch of your favorite cookies, or make a variety to share with your friends and family. Or, keep them for yourself to last through the holiday season.

Cookies aren’t the only treat you can make this holiday season. Check out this recipe for pretzel hugs to try something a little different.

4. Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments and Tree Decorations

The best way to get into the Christmas spirit is to make it look like Christmas around your home. Decorating your house and putting up a Christmas tree is a must to kick off the holiday season, and who better to enjoy this activity with than your significant other?

One of the most creative Christmas activities for couples to do is to make your own custom Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree. This doesn’t have to be an expensive activity either. A trip to the dollar store can give you everything you need to make beautiful and impressive Christmas decorations.

The possibilities are endless, from balls made out of lightbulbs to colorful ribbons decorated with gold glitter. You can even try making your own candles to celebrate this holy season.

Popular Christmas decorations to try making with your partner include:

  • Garlands
  • Wreaths
  • Paper snowflakes
  • Star ornament for the top of the Christmas tree

You’ll get some great memories out of this activity, not to mention ornaments that you can use every year. Check out this blog for other ideas to decorate your Christmas tree.

Christmas Ornaments and Tree Decorations

5. Check Out the Christmas Lights on a Holiday Walk

Christmas activities for couples don’t have to be expensive dates involving extravagant meals or adventures. Sometimes the simplest activities are the most memorable. This is the case for our next Christmas activity for couples: going on a late-night stroll.

One of the best parts about Christmas is the lights. Chances are your neighborhood is full of twinkling lights during the holiday season. If not, you’re sure to find an abundance of lights somewhere around town.

A great date idea that’s also romantic is to take a stroll to check out everyone’s Christmas lights. You don’t have to have a particular destination; you can even just go around the block. The goal is to just take an aimless stroll and soak in the season’s beautiful lights with the one you love.

If you go for a stroll in your neighborhood, you should also check out each house’s Christmas decorations. You can determine which ones are your favorite and which houses are weaker in their decorations. This stroll can even give you some inspiration to decorate your own home!

6. Christmas Movie Night

It isn’t Christmas without Christmas movies. Some people would even say that as soon as Home Alone starts playing on TV, the holiday season has begun. Why not enjoy your favorite Christmas classic with the one you love?

Better yet, make a whole day out of it by marathoning a series of Christmas movies. Whether it be watching an entire series or mixing and matching between classic Christmas films, a Christmas movie night is one of the top holiday activities for couples to partake in.

There are several Christmas movies to choose from for your date night. If you’re feeling romantic, Love, Actually is the obvious choice. If you’re looking for a good laugh, you can’t go wrong with a movie like Elf. Other Christmas movies to consider watching include:

  • A Charlie Brown’s Christmas
  • A Christmas Story
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Die Hard

To make things more interesting, consider turning your Christmas movie viewing into a drinking game. Whenever a character in a movie does or says something that’s quintessential Christmas movie behavior, take a drink. But be careful – you can get really tipsy fast!

7. Go Ice Skating

Next on our list of the best Christmas activities for couples is one of the most romantic activities you can do with your significant other: ice skating.

Ice skating is a classic date activity that many couples do in the winter months. In fact, skating at The Rink at Rockefeller Center is one of the most popular traditions for couples in New York, and people travel from everywhere to get their chance on the rink every holiday season.

Even if you can’t make it to New York, you don’t have to settle for skating in your local rink. To make it more of a holiday activity, consider ice skating at an outdoor skating rink decorated for Christmas. Most cities have one, and often have other activities happening around the rink, such as carollers or vendors selling hot chocolate or other treats. On a nice day, skating can be a romantic all-day Christmas date.

Ice Skating

8. Wrap Gifts Together

Next up, we have gift-wrapping as a cute Christmas activity for couples.

You can do double duty with this Christmas activity for couples. Although it may seem like more of a chore than a romantic date, it can be a really interesting activity for you and your significant other to do with each other. If you have kids together, wrapping presents for them together can be a sweet activity as you gush over the anticipation of seeing their excited faces on Christmas morning.

Even if you don’t have kids, wrapping Christmas presents together is interesting as you can get a glimpse into what you each bought for your friends and family. What’s more, if one of you is a stronger gift-wrapper than the other, this is a great opportunity to teach each other a new skill. Just make sure you keep some of the surprise and don’t wrap each other’s gifts during this session!

9. Watch The Nutcracker

Going to the theater or ballet is one of the most upscale dates you can go on with your significant other. So, if you’re looking for an extravagant date during the holiday season, going to see a performance of The Nutcracker is a no-brainer.

Most theaters have a performance of The Nutcracker play at least once during the holiday season. It’s a chance to dress up and watch one of the most beautiful ballets to ever exist. To make it an unforgettable night, get dinner and drinks before or after the show. This may be one of the more expensive Christmas activities for couples on this list, but it’s also sure to be one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences you’ll ever have.

10. Volunteer at Your Local Shelter Together

Christmas activities for couples

Last on our list of the cutest Christmas activities for couples is taking time to volunteer together.

Although Christmas is often thought of as a time of receiving, it’s also a time for giving, and not just to your friends and family. If you’re fortunate enough to spend the holiday season with your friends and family, it’s worth spending time with those who aren’t as lucky.

Volunteering at your local shelter or soup kitchen may not be the most glamorous date, but it is a great way to give back to your community while bonding with your partner. Shelters are the most overwhelmed during the holiday season, and they are always looking for extra volunteers to help out. Spending an afternoon feeding those who can’t go home to family on Christmas and spending time with them is a great way to give back this holiday season and remind you of how lucky you are.

Wrap up: Christmas Activities for Couples for an Unforgettable Holiday Season

There are an endless number of activities that you can partake in during the holiday season, from going Christmas shopping to having Christmas dinner with your family. Hopefully, these activities prove that Christmas isn’t just for children and families, and that it’s also a time to spend with your significant other and show them how much you love them. Try some of them out the next winter season and bring some holiday joy to your relationship.

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