Is there a more classic combination than Christmas and snow? We know there just isn’t. So I’m taking you on a journey to find the best snowflake Christmas light!

Even if you don’t live in a place where snow during the holiday season is common, snowflakes are an easily recognized Christmas symbol.

The good news is that you can feel the joy of Christmas snowflakes even with no snow. Recreate the magic of snowflakes this holiday season with a set of snowflake Christmas lights for indoor and outdoor use! In this article, we show the best choices for snowflake Christmas lights that will make you feel like you’re living in a Christmas wonderland.

Top Picks for the Best Snowflake Christmas Lights

Snowflakes are surprisingly versatile, and there are several different types of snowflake lights to choose from. If you’ve never bought Christmas snowflake lights before, it can be a challenge to figure out the best option for your home. To help you shop for a set that works best for your decor, here are our top options.

AWQ 100 LED 49 FT Christmas Snowflake String Lights

snowflake christmas tree lights

The first snowflake Christmas lights on our list are the AWQ 100 LED 49 FT Christmas Snowflake String Lights.

This string light design is versatile as they’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The snowflake string light set includes 100 individual snowflakes and is best placed against a wall or hung on your Christmas tree. With eight different modes and a timer function, you can customize these lights for different occasions or to suit your mood. All it takes is a push of a button!

If you want an all-encompassing snowflake experience, you can connect up to five sets of these novelty lights to line these snowflakes up around your entire house.

Snowflake Christmas String Lights with 6 Drops

Who knew that a snowflake could also serve as a statement? That’s the case with this 8.8-foot Snowflake Christmas String Lights with 6 Drops. These incandescent lights feature six different snowflakes in two sizes to create one impactful decorative piece.

You can add these lights to your living room, patio, or anywhere in between. You can also connect several of them to have giant snowflakes surround your home. All you have to do is plug your lights in and enjoy the vivid Christmas decoration display.

LED String Lights

White Snowflake Christmas Lights

Looking for no-fuss, simple snowflake Christmas lights? These 20 Ft 40 LED Snowflake String Lights will give you exactly that.

Made from PVC waterproof material, these LED lights are a good choice for indoor and outdoor decorating for any part of your home, whether it’s your bedroom or your patio. You have two modes to choose from – twinkle and flash – giving you a little bit of versatility in how you display them.

These string lights are battery-powered, meaning there’s no need to worry about finding somewhere to plug them in. They’re flexible enough to bend into any shape you want, making them ideal to decorate your Christmas tree and to use again and again each holiday season.

Temdan String Lights

​​Even though snowflakes are white, it doesn’t mean that your snowflake Christmas lights have to be. If you want your lights to give off a warmer color, then these Temdan Snowflake String Lights are worth considering.

These lights create a warm, festive Christmas atmosphere to enjoy all night long. Each box contains two bundles of snowflake string lights, with each bundle measuring 32.8 feet long – an ideal length for decorating your Christmas garland, wreath, or tree or to use as wall decor.

Choose from the flashing or steady-on mode, and toggle the switch to see your choice take effect. These lights are battery-powered and made from high-quality plastic to last through each holiday season. Hang them up, switch them on, and you’re ready to experience your fairytale Christmas.

16 Inch Christmas Window Silhouette Lights

Christmas Lights

Not feeling the string or drop lights and looking for something different to decorate your home? Then these 16-inch Christmas Window Silhouette Lights are the perfect choice for you.

Made for indoor use, these unique snowflakes and stars lights stick to your window for a display to all passersby. Another factor that makes this set of novelty lights stand out is the bright and vibrant colors of the star, which features green, red, and blue all around. When placed together, this creates a beautifully balanced contrast to the warm color of the snowflake against your window.

These lights each come with a separate plug, so you can place them in different windows to decorate every room of your house.

Wrap Up: Christmas Lights to Brighten the Holidays

As you can see, there’s no shortage of snowflake Christmas light options to create your own winter wonderland this holiday season.

Hopefully, this list has given you different snowflake holiday light options to choose from. You can stick to one type or mix and match to add color, size, and uniqueness to your Christmas decorations!

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